2018 Workshops

Telling your Campaign's story

Lead by Katrina Miller Program Director of the Broadbent Institute

Campaigns come alive when they become about stories. The stories we share can compel us to look at something in a new way, change our opinion, to take action. In this workshop we will break down the kinds of narratives that drive successful issue-based campaigns. We will use what we learn to build communications strategies for the participants’ campaigns and initiatives. And of course, we will tell stories, lots and lots of stories.

About Katrina

Katrina Miller is the Program Director for the Broadbent Institute, driving the Institute’s policy, campaign and communications work to build the progressive landscape in Canada. She is a communications and public policy strategist with almost 20 years of experience working with labour, community and environmental
organizations to promote progressive social policy. Katrina has designed and implemented campaigns that resulted in significant shifts in public policy over a range of issues; banning cosmetic pesticides and mandating pollution disclosure in Toronto, expanding community health centres, and tackling inequality through proper investment in public services, to name a few. Having acted in the role of spokesperson for a number of campaigns and organizations, Katrina has coached elected officials, political candidates, activists and People with Lived Experiences on how to use the media to tell stories our audiences need to hear.
Engaging Government: When Advocacy Works (And When It Doesn't)

Lead by Kevin Quinlan Mayors Office, City of Vancouver

How do decisions get made within government? Why do certain public advocacy campaigns get traction with politicians while others don’t go anywhere? In this workshop, Mayor Gregor Robertson’s Chief of Staff Kevin Quinlan will discuss the elements that make up a successful advocacy campaign, and share insights on the strategies and tactics that work – and don’t work – when dealing with elected officials.

About Kevin

Kevin Quinlan is the Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Vancouver. A passionate city builder, Kevin advises and executes on the Mayor’s priorities, ranging from affordable housing and transit to climate policy. He believes strongly that Canadian cities are uniquely suited to lead on the challenging social, economic and environmental issues of our time. This will be Kevin’s 6th year attending SCI. If you have questions or want to know more about how Vancouver City Hall operates, provides grants and funding to external organizations, or partners with community groups, or just want to provide completely random thoughts on what you think the City should be doing, come talk to him.
Supporting Collaboration through Shared Measurement

Lead by Andrew Stegemann Project Director of Our Living Waters

This session is for anyone looking for an effective tool to support and track the progress of collaboration. Solving complex environmental problems requires us to work together, which has always been challenging due to a lack of tools, to 1) align the work of multiple like-minded groups and, 2) measure whether our collective efforts are adding up to the change we desire. Our Living Waters, a collaborative network of groups across Canada working to achieve the ambitious goal of all waters in good health by 2030, has built a shared measurement framework that helps do both. In this session, we will share how this framework was built while working with you to start the process of creating your own. Come learn about the methods we use, so you can use them to support your own collaborative efforts.

About Andrew

Andrew Stegemann is the Project Director for Our Living Waters, a collaborative network of freshwater groups working under a shared measurement framework to achieve the ambitious goal of all Canada’s waters in good health by 2030. A major part of Andrew’s role is managing the measurement framework which helps align the work of Network members while also providing the means to track collective progress.  Andrew also provides consulting services to mission-driven organizations, helping to increase their capacity with his expertise in strategic planning, group facilitation, and collective impact and network building. With over a decade of experience, Andrew has worked with many organizations including non-profits, businesses, and government organizations in addition to his time leading the grantmaking of both MEC and the Pacific Salmon Foundation. Andrew also holds a Master of Resource Management (Planning) degree from SFU and is currently the Board President for CPAWS-BC.
Building Your Foundation

Lead by Josh Bizjak Director of Development Broadbent Institute

For today’s social climate NGOs need the core strength to take on big challengers. Too many inspiring NGOs are plagued with financial instability and a lack of internal capacity. So, what does it take to set your NGO up for stable growth to meet the needs of your supporters and stakeholders?

In this presentation & workshop we’ll look at turning ideas into business plans; core funding proposals, grant applications, and annual operating budgets. We’ll also look at predictable revenue streams, critical prospecting and converting one-off concepts into successful annual events and campaigns. Sound fundraising strategies must be incorporated at the very beginning – to connect, develop, and grow valuable relationships that will last and provide you the stability you desire. Together, let’s build the foundation required to grow and succeed.

About Josh

As the founding Director of Development to the Broadbent Institute Josh offers years of business and political experience to the leadership team. He has managed fundraising programs for campaigns at every level of politics. Josh prides himself on his outreach a wide array of stakeholders to assist in the advancement of a progressive agenda. Outside of politics Josh is well-regarded fundraising consultant in the NGO sector specializing in capacity building, core funding, systems integration, and revenue diversification.

2017 Workshops

Agile Strategy in Challenging Times

Lead by Mike Rowlands President & CEO Junxion Strategy

In the face of daunting and dynamic social challenges and an environmental crisis that’s already unfolding, leaders committed to making a difference cannot afford to waffle with outmoded approaches to strategy and planning. Drawing on two decades of strategy consulting expertise, Mike will break four enduring myths of strategy, sharing a new model of planning that’s agile in the face of changing contexts, scalable for organizations small and large, and implementable without any ongoing support from expensive consultants. Through a facilitation style that’s smart, engaging, and occasionally funny, Mike will help you ‘Shift Your Thinking’ about what you and your organization can achieve.

About Mike

Mike is an accomplished entrepreneur, consultant and advisor who works at the intersection of business, community and sustainability. He supports visionary entrepreneurs and leaders in organizations around the world, helping to craft distinctive strategies, disrupt markets, and accelerate success. Mike’s President & CEO at Junxion Strategy, an international social impact consultancy that inspires conscious leadership and nurtures trusted organizations. From offices in Vancouver and London, they serve NGOs, responsible corporations, social ventures and philanthropies on four continents with strategy & planning, branding & communications, and impact measurement & reporting services. Along with his work leading Junxion, including working directly with many of their clients, Mike serves on the Board of Directors of Hollyhock, a lifelong learning centre and retreat on Canada’s west coast, where he’s an Executive Producer of the annual Social Venture Institute. He’s also a Director of the Social Venture Network, a community of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs that work together to create transformational innovation, growth and impact. He’s an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at RADIUS Ventures, an impact venture accelerator and incubator at Simon Fraser University, and an Ambassador for B Corp.
Integrated for Success A Collaborative Fundraising Campaign Experience

Lead by Josh Bizjak Director of Development Broadbent Institute

A workshop designed to bring organizational departments and personnel together to produce integrated fundraising campaigns. Working along independently or as a team to build a campaign that reaches goals and targets outside of regular fundraising numbers exclusively. Bring the skills and tools of your department and the organization together to achieve growth results the entire organization can celebrate.

About Josh

As the founding Director of Development to the Broadbent Institute Josh offers years of business and political experience to the leadership team. He has managed fundraising programs for campaigns at every level of politics and seen his candidates elected and debt free. Josh prides himself on his outreach a wide array of stakeholders to assist in the advancement of a progressive agenda. Outside of politics Josh is well-regarded fundraising consultant in the NGO sector specializing in capacity building, systems integration, and revenue diversification.

Organizer Problem Solving

Lead by Ari & Jenn

Bring your questions and challenges to his workshop led by organizer/activist Arianna Wessler of Wellstone and Jennifer Sturm, digital director of the American Civil Liberties Union. Ari and Jenn will answer your questions and collectively work your challenges so that the lessons emerge for everyone in the room.

About Ari Wessler & Jenn Sturn

Ari is Principal of Movement Technology at Wellstone Action, where she leads on data and analytics trainings, including Data and Analytics Camp. She has over a decade of experience in community, labor and electoral organizing on and offline. Before coming to Wellstone, Arianna served as Deputy National Data Director for Bernie 2016, where she crafted the tech infrastructure behind the national distributed volunteer program, including the dialer engine which powered 75 million remote phone calls. An alumna of the 2008 Obama Campaign, the 2010 South Bay Labor Council and NationBuilder, her organizing philosophy is grounded in a firm belief that communities bound by empathy and driven by hope are unstoppable.

Jenn is the Director of Online Engagement at the ACLU where she heads up digital campaigning and communications strategies, mobilizing the ACLU’s 5.5M supporters to fight to get the U.S on a better track. Prior to working at the ACLU, Jenn led digital strategy and engagement at the Astraea Foundation, Center for American Progress’s Enough Project, and the Human Rights Campaign. Jenn’s improbable career has included stints as a UNIX sysadmin, cab driver, and baker. Her proudest educational achievement was completing Computer-Circus camp as a teen, where she learned to eat fire, walk a tightrope, juggle, and code video games in Pascal and C – all life experiences that come in handy as a digital strategist for social change.

Full Spectrum Civic Engagement

Lead by Steve Anderson

In this workshop, you’ll learn how leading digital rights organizations like OpenMedia and others have used the full spectrum form of civic engagement – including tactics, tools and principles – to grow and deepen communities leading to tangible campaign victories. Learnings will include case studies and best practices you can implement in your next digital campaign.

About Steve

Steve Anderson is the co-founder and lead strategist for New/Mode — a purpose driven social enterprise that provides sophisticated civic engagement and campaigning tools to those working on the world’s most important causes. Steve is considered a leader in strategies for civic engagement and crowdsourcing. Steve is also a well-known open Internet advocate. Previous to New/Mode, Steve founded and served as the Executive Director of the award winning digital rights organization OpenMedia. OpenMedia has led some of the largest online campaigns in the world. Steve continues to support OpenMedia in as a Senior Advisor.  Steve also likes to go into the forest and contemplate existence.

Data Organizing

Lead by Heather Mann

Using data wisely to grow your vision for change “How can you use data more effectively to advance your vision for change as an organizer? What are the nimble, low cost and low barrier tools available to you? Heather Mann will answer these questions and work with you on the individual data challenges you bring forward so that you better understand how data can serve your advocacy work.

About Heather

As a data strategy consultant, Heather helps purpose led organizations use data effectively in order to grow toward their vision. Heather comes from a social science background – her PhD research focused on what leads people to act dishonestly, and she was fortunate to be advised by behavioural economist and irrationality guru Dan Ariely. Since earning her PhD, Heather has worked as Program Director for Brighter Investment (a social enterprise focused on financing higher education), Research Director for Ayogo (a health technology company focused on engaging patients with care), and has consulted for several for-profit, non-profit, and social enterprise clients. Heather believes that, when employed in a thoughtful manner, data can be a vehicle to organizational integrity, effective innovation, and open dialogue. She is so excited to meet other SCI participants and learn about their visions for a brighter future.

Well Being for Social Change

Lead by Xymena Salado

What are the most common personal challenges social change leaders from all over the world are struggling with? During this workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect within a safe space of like minded peers, in your own personal journey. We will co-develop initiatives that support culture shift towards one that is healthier and more supportive of our own inner well being.

About Xymena

Xymena joined The Wellbeing Project as Knowledge and Ecosystem Manager in 2016. Her work in The Project has allowed her to integrate her two passions, inner wellbeing and social change. She is grateful to be part of the positive changes that project participants experience, from their personal lives to broader community work. She will share their work at SCI this year. Xymena is also a certified Yoga teacher for adults and children, and teaches in a private school and several yoga studios in Mexico City. She is Mexican and lives in Mexico City.