As an entrepreneur, I’ll bet every time you meet someone new. At any networking event and conference, even at yoga or over cocktails in your living room.

It’s not so easy to answer, right? At SVI Vancouver we give you a chance to try yours out.

Practice your elevator pitch. Participate in SVI Vancouver’s Marketplace of Ideas.

What is the Marketplace of Ideas?

Specifically: It’s 90 seconds to tell us about what you do. In front of the most supportive and loving group of humans you can find.

Attendees (that means you!) have the opportunity to stand up and speak up about what they do. Your business. Your needs. Your ideas.

It’s a rapid-fire line of smart and brilliant people, each with 90 seconds to shine, using any creative, fun and crazy methods you want.  You can use:

  • Props and costumes
  • Music, singing and sounds
  • Storytelling
  • Comedy
  • Quiz and game show themes
  • Magic tricks
  • Friends (who are also at the conference)
  • Sparkles and ribbons
  • Anything in your imagination
Colin Mansell