The Social Venture Institute exists to help nourish, support and encourage businesses committed to doing good in this world through the power of triple bottom line business. This year we are thrilled to be presenting mother-daughter team Ratana and Jyoti Stephens as our opening evening True Confessions keynote speakers, who will be speaking to the power of nourishing the planet while growing Nature’s Path, North America’s leading organic breakfast cereal brand.

A local business and sustainability success story, Richmond based Nature’s Path is a leader in social and environmental responsibility, always looking to see how they can leave the earth better than they found it.

Many shoppers will recognize the Nature’s Path product line — from Gorilla Munch to their Heritage Flakes, they offer some of the best organic cereals on the shelves — but not everyone will know just how integral giving back is to the company’s structure, where social responsibility and environmental sustainability are valued as highly as financial viability.

The company has several initiatives targeted at realizing their CSR mandate, including their Bite4Bite initiative, Gardens for Good grants and the EnviroKidz fund. The Bite4Bite initiative sees Nature’s Path donate an equivalent in funds or food for every bag of Love Crunch granola sold to food banks. Through Gardens for Good, Nature’s Path has donated over $150,000 since 2010 to support community gardens. Their EnviroKidz fund helps scholarships for students of organic agriculture to ensure the next generation has the skills required to see sustainable agriculture flourish.

On the evening of May 1st, founder Ratana Stephens and her daughter Jyoti will be sharing with SVI Women participants their unique perspectives as a mother and daughter working in this family run and inspirational business. Sharing some of the challenges and rewards of staying true to the company’s noble vision for what sustainable business can look like, while building North America’s leading organic breakfast cereal brand. We can’t wait to hear their stories.