True Confessions

Attendees are given the opportunity to hear from leading entrepreneurs who will share their trials, tribulations and triumphs in creating socially responsible businesses. These personal and intimate “confessions” are instrumental learning moments around the challenges and successes of building businesses focused on a triple bottom line.

Vivian Kaye
Founder & CEO

Esther Park

Esther Park
CEO, Cienega Capital

Sue Conley

Sue Conley
Co-Founder, Cowgirl Creamery

Case Studies

The Case Study model at SVI provides an opportunity for the entire conference to gain powerful and tangible skills to support running a successful social venture. Thriving businesses identify a specific challenge which our panel of experts and conference attendees will help provide insight on.

Sharon Bond

Sharon Bond
Founder & CEO of Kekuli Cafe

Erica Perez

Erica Perez
Co-Founder, Oaktown Spice


Setting up your Financial Systems for success

How to get useful numbers to help you build your business to match your vision.

In this session, you’ll learn how to gather, interpret, and act on the numbers from your business in order to make big decisions such as:

  • How do I know if I’m ready to hire an employee?
  • How do if I can pay myself more?
  • How do I know if I can afford to rent a space outside of my home?

We’ll end with a Q&A, so come prepared with any questions you have around the money in your business (such as how do I know if I’m ready to hire an employee? How do if I can pay myself more? How do I know if I can afford to rent a space outside of my home?)

This session is best for solopreneurs who are full to the brim and want to grow beyond just themselves, and for business owners who are looking to bring more organization to their business finances.

You will leave this session with an understanding of what the financials in your business are supposed to be telling you about your business.

Jacinthe Koddo

Presented by
Jacinthe Koddo, Koddo & Co.

“What the heck do I post today?”
Actionable strategies to get you seen, loved, and selling online.

Let’s face it: You didn’t start your business to spend all your time trying to figure out marketing. And, writing content for social media? This can often feel like a stressful, overwhelming chore. It takes so much time week after week, day after day to create content that connects, creates relationships, and converts.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. This presentation will dive into 3 key aspects of social media to help you target your ideal customer with words and content that make them say, “OMG, it’s like you’re in my head!”

This workshop was specifically designed for business owners who want to show up and stand out on social media, but have no idea what to post, what to write, or how to engage and convert prospective customers.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify WHO your ideal client is and HOW they like to be spoken to.
  • Build a basic social strategy that helps you create content consistently without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Tap into the user-friendly industry tools the pros use everyday to save them time (and stress) on social media.

After this workshop, you’ll walk away with an action plan for how you can start showing up and standing out online in a way that engages your audience, warms them up for a sale (without feeling sleazy or inauthentic), and doesn’t burn you out.

Emily Chow

Presented by Emily Chow, Emily Chow Marketing

Communicating in Stressful Times:
Listening & Holding Space

Somehow everyday we are each navigating this wild period on planet Earth while doing our jobs. How we communicate and connect in the workplace has never been more important.

Stress levels are higher than ever. Covid has turned worklife on its head. Climate change is affecting our immediate reality. The world is complicated and fractured. Being able to communicate and hold space for real conversation has never been more crucial. This interactive workshop helps you listen more whole-heartedly and hold space for communication.

Who it’s For

Everyone in the workplace including:
Executives and senior managers
Team leaders & project managers
Up-and-coming leaders
Individual contributors

What You’ll Leave With

Personal insights into your patterns for listening and holding space at work
New awareness about what inhibits listening and holding space
Ideas and tools for whole-hearted listening
Ideas & tools for holding meetings more consciously

How it Works

You are guided through a series of awareness exercises designed to help you understand your strengths and limitations as a communicator. You are guided to look inward to understand you personal communication habits and patterns. You’ll receive pragmatic techniques for advancing your skills.

Jacqueline Voci

Presented by Jacqueline Voci, We Love Communicating

Unleash Your Presence:
Stepping into the Power of Your Voice

You’re doing the work your Soul came here to do. The world stage is calling for you to share your purpose in a bigger way. You want to awaken, energize, and move people. But when it’s time for you to speak, you get OVERWHELMED by sensations, emotions, and energy. Your voice shakes, your throat goes dry, and your words fall on deaf ears. You can’t express your vision when it matters most.

Fighting our inner demons while accessing our inner power isn’t easy — but it’s what we need to do if we want to do our part to change the world with authenticity, creativity, and courage.

During this interactive workshop author and intuitive public speaking and leadership coach Lauri Smith will show you how to use your perceived ‘flaws’ to your advantage and channel your sensations into the fire that fuels transformation.

You will leave this workshop with tools to help you…

  • Touch your audience with the heart-centered power of your presence
  • Be ALIVE from head to toe while deeply connected to the crowd
  • Feel grounded, vibrant and in flow while evoking transformation in your audience

This workshop is for visionaries and empaths on a soul-driven mission who are feeling called to show up authentically, align their presence with their message… and BE SEEN for the sake of their purpose.

It’s time to step into your voice, unleash your presence, and connect with your audience on a deep and powerful level.

Lauri Smith

Presented by Lauri Smith, Voice Matters

Creating Policies that Work

This 90 minute session is designed for operation managers, executive directors, and human resources professionals who are looking for strategies that will support the creation of policies that have stakeholder buy-in, are steeped in reality, and that are clear enough for people to establish realistic expectations. We will look at considerations for policy development that include identifying how to invite collaboration on a policy during its development, and decision-making processes that result in policies that give clear boundaries and can clearly guide behaviour that is aligned with the shared purpose of your work.

You will leave this session with:

  • Guidance on how to create a working group for policy development
  • Guidance on how to make room for the unexpected and the unplanned in policy development
  • Tips for support understanding and buy-in for stakeholders
Leonie Smith

Presented by Leonie Smith, The Thoughtful Workplace


Bellyfit® – love how you feel

Energize your morning with a fabulous fusion of Bellydance, Yoga, and Fitness! Get your sweat on with easy-to-learn cardio-dance, find deep strength with a touch of core, and then top it off with a relaxing stretch and meditation. Designed specifically for femme empowerment, this uplifting class will leave you feeling connected in mind, body, and spirit.

Bring a water bottle, yoga mat, and indoor running shoes (or barefoot if not available).

Loretta Laurin

Presented by Loretta Laurin

Morning Qi

A blend of breathwork, Qi Gong movement and self massage, this 45 minute session will start your morning off with energy and excitement!

Caroline MacGillivray

Presented by Caroline MacGillivray

Vivian Kaye, Founder & CEO KinkyCurlyYaki

Vivian Kaye is the Founder & CEO of KinkyCurlyYaki, a premium textured hair extension brand for Black women that she bootstrapped to over $6 million in revenue as an immigrant, college dropout and single mom.

Her presence and genuine desire to continuously learn and grow while keeping it REAL quickly made her a personality who transcended the title of Founder and CEO.

Ultimately, she organically grew her personal platform by exchanging tips and tricks that she learned on her personal entrepreneurial journey.

As a self proclaimed Gary Vee meets Oprah remix, Vivian acts a the bridge between big and small business. is a business and empowerment expert, as well as a TV, radio and podcast personality. Through her magnetic energy, Vivian empowers, uplifts and educates her audience into taking action.

Along with her philanthropic efforts through mentorship, she has worked with many notable brands such as Shopify, Porsche Canada, Uniliever, LG, RBC, Fairmont Hotels, BMO, American Express Canada and Rogers Media, to name a few.

Esther Park, CEO, Cienega Capital

Esther ParkEsther is the CEO of Cienega Capital, a regenerative investment firm utilizing an integrated capital approach to systemic change in the areas of soil health, regenerative agriculture, and local food systems. Prior to joining Cienega Capital, Esther founded Commons Stock, an impact-focused due diligence consulting firm. There she assessed and structured investments in social enterprises on behalf of high net worth individuals, foundations, and investment advisors. Esther has over 15 years of experience in mission-based financial services ranging from microfinance to risk capital investments. She also serves as a Board member at City Fresh Foods, Custom Food Solutions, and Carman Ranch Provisions, and is an Advisor to Kitchen Table Advisors.

Esther has also served as the Vice President for Strategy and Business Development at RSF Social Finance, and oversaw all lending activity from 2007-2011, which resulted in a tripling of the loan portfolio, and the development of a mezzanine debt fund. Prior to joining RSF, Esther was a senior consultant for ShoreBank Advisory Services, where she provided strategic and capital planning advice for Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), particularly small business and affordable-housing loan funds. She also trained lenders internationally in small business lending practices, and underwrote Program Related Investments (PRIs) for private foundation clients. And in a previous life, Esther lived in Nukus, Uzbekistan, teaching English and conducting program evaluation work for the United Nations. Esther received her MPP from University of Chicago and BA in Social Welfare from the University of California Berkeley. She lives in Berkeley, California with her husband, Greg, and their two children, Evangeline and Bryce.

Sue Conley, Co-Founder, Cowgirl Creamery

Sue ConleySue founded Cowgirl Creamery and Tomales Bay Foods in 1997 with her long-time friend, Peggy Smith. Through their efforts, a network of successful dairies and cheesemakers have flourished in coastal Marin and Sonoma.

Growing up in Washington, DC, Sue earned a degree in Political Science at the University of Tennessee and later an Associate Degree in Restaurant Management from San Francisco City College. From there, she co-founded Bette’s Oceanview Diner in Berkeley were local politics a vintage juke box and good food created a lively environment.

Sue is active in promoting agricultural stewardship as evidenced by her 18 years as a board member for the Marin Agricultural Land Trust. She is currently serving on the boards of the American Cheese Education Foundation, Sonoma Ag and Open Space District, Straus Family Creamery and Point Reyes Mesa Writers’ Retreat.

Sharon Bond, Founder & CEO of Kekuli Cafe

Sharon BondSharon Bond-Hogg is a member of the Nooaitch First Nation from the N?la ka’pamux Territory. She was born and raised in Merritt, British Columbia. Sharon is married to Darren Hogg of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and together they founded and own Kekuli Aboriginal Foods Inc., also known as Kekuli Café. They co-own Kekuli Café in West Kelowna. “Do Not Panic…We Have Bannock”!

Sharon is also the owner and CEO of Kekuli Café Properties Inc, which she founded with the goal of extending her passion and vision for Indigenous Fast Casual eateries to every community in Canada. Every town requires a gathering space, a place to belong, a place to celebrate and enjoy Indigenous cuisine, Bannock, and coffee.

Kekuli Café is Canada’s first Indigenous fast-casual restaurant franchise. Sharon franchised their second site in Merritt, British Columbia. Kekuli Café’s third site in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Sharon & Darren, with the help of their amazing Kekuli Krue, won several awards over the years:

  • 2009 ANTCO Indigenous Woman in Business of the Year
  • 2010 BC Achievement, Indigenous Business of the Year
  • 2013 Indigenous Tourism BC, Food & Beverage Award,
  • 2013 Westbank Key Business Award
  • 2013 You Gotta Eat Here, Food Network Canada
  • 2016 Moosemeat & Marmalade, APTN
  • 2020 National Aboriginal Capital Corporation, Businesswoman of the Year

Sharon’s passions include social media and Marketing, recipe creation, snowmobiling, sponsoring her local baseball team, the Bannock Slappers, and baking/cooking in fifteen minutes.

Additionally, she presently serves on the ITBC (Indigenous Tourism BC) Board of Directors for twelve years, most recently as Co-Chair, assisting in the promotion, development, and sustainability of Indigenous Tourism enterprises. Additionally, she was recently elected to the board of directors of the All-Nations Trust Company in Kamloops, British Columbia, where she serves on several financial committees. Sharon is presently enrolled in the Indigenous Business Leadership Executive MBA programme at Simon Fraser University.

Sharon shares her passion for business and tourism services with you in the restaurant, tourism and hospitality industry, with a focus on Indigenous food, culture, tourism and business development, social media, marketing and the pow wow customer service.

Erica Perez, Co-Owner, Oaktown Spice

Erica PerezErica Perez is co-owner of Oaktown Spice Shop, an Oakland-based business offering premium, small-batch spices and blends for home cooks and chefs alike. Erica is a generalist, problem-solver and Jill of all trades. She handles marketing, human resources, operations and financial administration for the business. Prior to co-founding Oaktown Spice Shop, Erica worked as a journalist.

Jacinthe Koddo, Koddo & Co.

Hi! I’m Jacinthe Koddo.

I help women-led businesses who are making the world a better place grow to seven-figure revenues and sleep better at night. I work with creative business owners who are bursting at the seams but are unsure if they can grow their team or get an office space outside of their home.

My clients have been known to call me their business big sister or financial fairy godmother.

Over the last two decades, I’ve learned the ins-and-outs of business finance—and not always the easy way! Since starting my own entrepreneurial journey in 2009, I’ve launched several businesses and worked with all sorts of accountants.

I became passionate about financial literacy for women entrepreneurs after seeing the same stress and shame I experienced in my early days of entrepreneurship in dozens of the clients I’ve worked with one-on-one over since 2017.

I can help you shed the shame and stress that comes with feeling like you should know what’s going on in your business numbers.

I’m not an accountant. I’m an entrepreneur who’s learned about business finances the hard way (and worked with a lot of accountants along the way).

Jacinthe’s career highlights:

  • Bachelor degree in Interior Design, which lays the foundation for my people-centric approach
  • Serial entrepreneur with 6 businesses started, 4 failures, and 2 growing successes
  • 3 startup experiences as an employee
  • Successfully contributing to dozens of founder’s teams on how to utilize financial reporting to further their businesses
  • Client portfolio includes Communications & PR agency, Interior Designers, Project Managers, Online Business Strategists, and more!

Fun facts about Jacinthe:

  • Cat person (you’ll occasionally see my cat Olive in the background of videos)
  • Occasionally pick up my old violin
  • First venture into entrepreneurship was a prepared meal delivery service before they were popular
  • Currently learning Brazilian Portuguese (and working towards spending several months per year there!)
  • Love exploring the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada
  • Degree is in Interior Design but I fell in love with numbers, budgets, and building businesses

Emily Chow, Emily Chow Marketing

Emily Chow is a marketing strategist and copywriting unicorn that helps business owners reinvent the way they show up and stand out online! Because you all deserve to get seen, loved, and selling with your ideal customers. She does this through premium branding solutions, custom websites, marketing plans, and engagement strategies that keep you top of mind for your ideal customers.

And, her favorite thing to do? Creating strategic and tactical marketing frameworks that take the guesswork out of how to engage with customers. Say “bu-bye!” to your ad hoc way of doing marketing. She works directly with you to up level your marketing game and keep you focused on the tasks that actually contribute to the bottom line. Her data-backed frameworks keep your business agile so that you can immediately pivot your activities based on marketplace changes and champion activities that have the biggest business impact.

Jacqueline Voci, We Love Communicating

Jacqueline Voci is a workplace communication coach and consultant.

She is on a mission to help more voices be heard, and to advance how people communicate at work.

Jacqueline has more than two decades of communications experience. She started out in the PR industry, coaching executives for media interviews and securing coverage across Canada and the U.S. including The Globe & Mail, CBC and BusinessWeek, to name a few. In 2008, she co-founded Soya Marketing, one of Canada’s first agencies to specialize in social media.

For more than 12 years, Jacqueline has been immersed in the practice of meditation, and now teaches. Meditation informs her approach to communication and every aspect of her life.

Lauri Smith, Voice Matters

Lauri Smith is an intuitive public speaking and leadership coach. She helps visionaries on a soul-driven mission to stand in their power, speak their truth and Lead. Lauri is the CVO (Caring Visionary Officer) of Voice Matters and the author of Your Voice Matters: A Guide to Speaking Soulfully When It Counts. Her mission is to call forth more open-hearted leaders so they can do their part to change the world with authenticity, creativity and courage. She envisions a world in which everyone shares the vibration of their soul’s purpose with the world through their voices and together, we reach global harmony.

Lauri can always see the soul underneath the static – which makes her really good at motivating people to fight their inner demons and find tremendous inner power.

She loves coffee, dark chocolate and red wine (and she’s incredibly picky about all three.) Lauri is busy living her Carpe Diem life in San Francisco, California with her soulmate.

Leonie Smith, The Thoughtful Workplace

P. Leonie Smith is a first-generation Canadian of Jamaican heritage and is founder of The Thoughtful Workplace, a consultancy that uses a relational and skill-building approach to coaching, training, and mediation. Informed by modalities such nonviolent communication and Sociocracy, she is dedicated to supporting organisations and individuals find ways of working that create more space for humanity and generate less harm She has more than 20 years experience in senior management positions championing an approach to leadership that supports care and efficiency towards a shared purpose.

Loretta Laurin

Loretta Laurin (they/them) is a lover of movements and thrives in the juicy space where embodiment and health meets social change and storytelling. Loretta is the co-founder of Shift Delivery Co-operative, the previous Communications Manager at Hollyhock, and a Communications Officer at the Hospital Employees’ Union. For 12 years, they have taught a variety of movement modalities including yoga, pilates, fitness, and dance. They also have experience as a social justice educator, facilitating workshops on topics such as power and privilege, gender, anti-racism, and consent culture.

Caroline MacGillivray

Caroline MacGillivray believes in integrating body, mind and spirit through movement, breath, and voice. She is a Medical Qi Gong Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

Some of the types of fitness she teaches include: aerial yoga, bungee fitness, pole dancing, barre, chair yoga, prenatal yoga and post natal yoga. She has taught aerial yoga for youth at Looking Glass BC, Qi Gong for Men on the recovery program at Together We Can, Prenatal Yoga for women in recovery for Substance Use at Fir Square and Yoga for Recovery for women in Heartwood the 90 day recovery program at BC Women’s Hospital.

A popular speaker, Caroline has spoken at Tedx Renfrew Collingwood. Recent speaking engagements include Realizing The Provincial Vision 2022: Perinatal Substance Use Conference Program and UBC’s Human Kinetics Program – Working with Vulnerable People Through Fitness.

A former radio host and producer, Caroline is best known for producing and founding Beauty Night Society, a Canadian charity that builds community and self esteem for vulnerable women and youth.