The registration cost for SVI Vancouver is $575, with a 10% Discount for non-profits, students and seniors. There is a 15% Early Bird discount if you register before February 3, 2019.

The registration cost includes meals throughout the conference, with the exception of dinners. Registration also includes the cost of your ticket to the social event at the Gastown Fluevog store.

Hollyhock Scholarships

The Hollyhock Scholarship Fund exists to provide support to individuals who require assistance to participate in a Hollyhock program. All applicants must apply for the Social Venture Institute Vancouver. All applications are reviewed and considered. Priority is given to those who demonstrate financial need, diversity, have not received a Hollyhock scholarship within the past two years, and articulate how they will bring what they learn in their Hollyhock educational program back to their homes, workplaces and communities.

How does a Hollyhock Scholarship apply to Social Venture Institute?

Once approved, a Hollyhock scholarship is applied to the cost of your conference tuition. Scholarship recipients are responsible for paying the balance of tuition, the full cost of travel to the conference, any accommodation costs you may incur during your stay and taxes/ fees associated with attending Social Venture Institute Vancouver.

What Does Hollyhock Ask of Scholarship Recipients?

We may ask for your help to spread the word about SVI Vancouver and post-program, we’ll invite you to share a quotation or testimonial about your time at Hollyhock.

How Do You Apply for a Scholarship?

When you apply to attend, please indicate on your application that you intend to apply for a scholarship. We will send you a scholarship application form and walk you through the process from there.

When Will You Hear From Us?

Our Scholarship Committee meets weekly from April to October. You can expect to hear back from us within 2-3 weeks. An automatic email confirmation is sent out for every application received, however, spam filters and other technical reasons may result in you not receiving the email. If you do not receive the auto receipt, please contact

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