2017 Workshops

Thursday Workshops

Personal Responsibility: The power of ending the Blame Game

Lead by Chloe Gow-Jarrett, 3Fold Partners

Evolutionary leadership requires the willingness to do inner work. Explore where you subtly and not-so-subtly blame others for your circumstances, reducing your ability to step into leadership and take action towards your goals. Mastering personal responsibility will support you with leading in alignment with your vision and purpose, rather than being reactive to circumstances. Join Chloe in an inquiry into the places in your life (personal or professional) where you play the victim, and begin to experience the power and freedom of choosing to be responsible.

About Chloe

Chloe Gow-Jarrett is a Founder at 3Fold Partners, in Vancouver, Canada. 3Fold supports leaders in scaling the culture and leadership of their enterprise as it grows, by designing, custom crafting, and delivering diverse learning experiences focused on effective training and principle-based development. Over 13 years at lululemon athletica, she directly impacted the company’s capacity to scale from 3 to over 200 stores and honed her ability to create programs that lay a cultural foundation to support long-term success. Chloe is committed to supercharging the leadership within organizations who have a vision of a resilient planet and is happiest when eating guacamole.

Grow Your Money Knowledge: Conversations on Debt, Equity & Borrowing

Lead by Carla Heim, BDC & Ryan McKinley, Vancity

Growing an enterprise requires access to capital, what type of ask should you be making to fund your venture? What do lenders look for? How do you know which type of loan is best for your venture and what are your options? Participants are invited to bring their questions and worries to our experts for this non-judgement conversation about accessing money; every question shared is a lesson for everyone.

Strategic Planning for the Nimble Venture

Lead by Mike Rowlands, Junxion Strategy

Leading a venture has never been easy, and it’s only getting more challenging as the business community faces up to complex social and environmental challenges. Your biggest challenge: traditional approaches to strategy no longer work. Effective plans are no longer artifacts relegated to dusty hard drives. They’re living documents that are grounded in values, empower leaders and foster ongoing growth and development. So how do you build an effective strategy? And how do you translate ideas into impact? In this session Mike Rowlands will share insights into Junxion’s Turning Point™ approach, which blends Agile methodologies, Appreciative Inquiry, stakeholder engagement and systems thinking in an integrated model that’s easy to implement.

About Mike

Mike is President & CEO at Junxion Strategy, an international consultancy that supports the development and growth of leading, socially responsible brands. Junxion’s clients range from major international companies such as adidas and Heathrow Airport, to global NGOs, and countless entrepreneur-led social ventures and non-profits. Mike serves on Hollyhock’s Board of Directors, and is an Executive Producer of the Social Venture Institute. He also sits on the Board of Directors of Social Venture Network; he’s an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at RADIUS Ventures, and he’s a B Corp Ambassador.

Building a Diverse, Inclusive and Innovative Workforce: Practical steps to attract, recruit and retain employees with diverse-abilities.

Lead by Kristin Bower, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at Vancity Savings & Credit Union

By 2025 there is expected to be close to a million job openings in British Columbia. Considering that the majority of people with diverse-abilities are ready, willing and able to work but are unemployed in large numbers (only 55% of persons with diverse-abilities aged 15 to 64 participate in the B.C. labour market, compared to 78% of persons without), this is a huge, untapped talent pool. Have you considered employing a person with a diverse-ability?

I know what you are thinking: it will be hard to find people with diverse-abilities qualified to do the work that I need done; it will cost me a lot to accommodate their needs; what about their safety in the workplace?

Here’s what we know to be true at Vancity because we have done it: employing people with diverse-abilities will help your organization to think in new and innovative ways, it will help you to achieve your strategic goals and improve your financial bottom line and your customers will love it. And if all of that is not enough, you will also provide employment opportunities and employment is the gateway to social and economic inclusion.

In this workshop we will spend our time debunking the mythology associated with hiring people with diverse-abilities, learn how to better identify and eliminate barriers in your recruitment and hiring process, and how to shift your organizational culture in order to create an inclusive workplace.

About Kristin

Kristin’s two decade career in Human Resources has seen her work in areas from recruitment to termination and most things in between. A strong desire to work for a values-based organization that mirrored her own values brought Kristin to Vancity ten years ago, a decision that has made her life richer in so many ways. A passionate and outspoken advocate for social inclusion, it’s her work as Vancity’s Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, and supporting CEO Tamara Vrooman’s work as co-chair of the Presidents Group in the area of diverse-ability employment, that has brought Kristin the most satisfaction. As a person with an invisible disability, she knows what it is like to experience adversity and discrimination in the workplace – it’s this lived experience, coupled with her HR expertise, that provides Kristin with a unique perspective and drive to make the world a better and more welcoming place for people in all areas of diversity.

In addition to her work at Vancity, Kristin writes a blog about mental health called Adventures of a Survivor, volunteers with Partners for Mental Health and is a frequent speaker about both mental health and diverse-ability employment. Oh, and she received the Robert L. Clemetson Elementary School Citizenship Award in fourth grade. and honour that both she and her mom are very proud of! Kristin is excited to join the SVI group this year and learn from the amazing people will be gathered at Hollyhock.

Friday Session

Break Free From Your Triggers

Lead by Urszula Lipsztajn, WorkBrite

We are living in a fast-paced world that is busy. People around the globe are experiencing burn-out, overwhelm, and the results of reactive decision-making daily. As change makers we feel this even more. From this busy place, we can get triggered to say and do things that aren’t from our best self.

This workshop invites you to take a deep dive into your triggers. Identify triggers that block you from your best self. Discover a simple and powerful tool to stay calm when you’re triggered. Find a new way to respond in these moments so that your best self shines through.

About Urszula

I am an international mindful leadership coach and facilitator. I help people be their best selves with powerful, approachable practices. I offer coaching, workshops, retreats, and ePrograms to people and teams wanting a more loving, sustainable and successful way to live and lead. For more than a decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of people from every sector. My company WorkBrite is a proud social enterprise committed to positive change in the world. I LOVE to ask big questions and my fav currently is: What are you generous with? At Hollyhock you can find me in the ocean, on the dance floor, or deep in conversation with new and old friends.

Purpose and Flow: Tapping Your Mind for What You Need to Know

Lead by Sharon Duguid

We are going to really get to the bottom of understanding how your brain dictates your purpose and flow.  We are going to look into our unique and individual unconscious neurological wiring to understand how to free the right kinds of energy to get you into that magical space of being in FLOW.   The more we can know our own brain story, and understand some deep (typically unconscious) drivers and patterns, the better decisions and choices we can make to do the things that keep us elevated, motivated and energized – and avoid those times when life seems directionless.

This workshop is based on groundbreaking research in neuroscience.  We will be looking at how to find and maintain that deep state of flow, and navigate the situations that may cause us to be depressed, sad, or lacking direction.  We will do some fun and enlightening exercises that help YOU learn more about YOU.

About Sharon

My lifetime work has been focused around creating a more meaningful and challenging dialogue on leadership impact and purpose. I have been lucky enough to work with many of the great thought leaders in leadership, neuroscience, human behaviour and entrepreneurship. I was fortunate to have been on the secretariat for the UN (Conference on Environment and Development), been adjunct faculty at IMD in Switzerland, and been an advisor and coach to numerous family businesses, corporate clients and not for profits. I am a cofounder of BREW ™  and Mindme™. I love uncovering what our inner selves can lead us to.

Saturday Workshops

Mindfulness as Social Justice Practice

Lead by Lu Lam

Take your social venture to the next level of positive change. The primary focus of this experiential workshop will be to explore mindfulness as a holistic framework for social justice. By centering embodied knowledges found in mindfulness practices, we cultivate courageous leadership by reframing our social discomfort related to power and privilege skilfully. In this way, we can become aware of how our unconscious biases cause oppressive dynamics. Mindful awareness can change our discomfort/guilt/shame to privilege by leveraging our privileges as radical possibilities for social transformation.

This workshop is intended for those who are familiar with anti-oppression ways of
working and interested in the embodiment of social justice business practices.
Learning Objectives/Outcomes
1. Centering the knowledge of mindfulness to offer an embodied approach to social
2. Reframe social discomfort in situations of power, privilege as a rich site for increasing positive change in social ventures.
2. Offer experiential mindfulness practices to support the relational, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual dimensions of social ventures.

About Lu

Lu is a Clinical Counsellor and Mindfulness Consultant in private practice, with 20 years of professional experience in anti-oppression education, counselling and community health. Lu’s passionate about building cultures that liberate us by exploring how culture hurts us. And done so, with amazing survivors in the alleys of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as a Street Outreach Worker to offering clinical trainings to Toronto primary health workers on intersectionality and trans health. Lu bows deeply to the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, sḵwx̱wú7mesh, and Tsleil-Waututh Peoples. Their shared de-colonial and traditional teachings have profoundly informed Lu’s work. It’s an honour to be on their unceded home territories. Lu is pulled to SVI to seed my e-commerce dream of offering online social justice mindfulness courses for my amazing international communities of trans, non-binary, queer Black, Indigenous, Two-Spirit, people of colour and mixies. Joy happens when Lu swims in nature, spot birds, and continues 8 years of daily mindfulness practice.

Employment Law: Performance Management of Employees that is both Effective and that Protects your Organization.

Lead by Stephanie Vellins, Harris & Company

Employees are an organization’s number one asset. Yet how do you manage the situation when employees are not living up to their true potential or your reasonable expectations? What can you do when it is alleged that your employees have engaged in misconduct? In this workshop, we will outline the legal framework around managing the workplace and explore the differing approaches to performance management depending on whether performance problems are culpable or non-culpable. We will provide guidance on how to investigate misconduct using a fair process and how to impose progressive discipline. Finally, we will discuss how to assess when it is time to end the relationship and bid farewell.

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a partner at Harris & Company, Western Canada’s pre-eminent management-side employment and labour law firm. Stephanie acts for a broad range of clients, both provincial and federal, in the public and private sectors, advocating on behalf of clients and providing strategic advice on all aspects of workplace law, including human rights. Her advocacy also brings her before the British Columbia Courts (both levels) and various federal tribunals. Stephanie is recognized as being a persuasive advocate for her clients, adept at drilling down to identify the winning argument, which has resulted in an outstanding track record of successful outcomes. Stephanie is also a skillful negotiator and a creative problem solver. A categorical people person, Stephanie’s clients know her to be collaborative, attentive, and emotionally intelligent. Stephanie is excited to attend SVI for the second time and can’t wait to be back at Hollyhock among so many inspiring individuals.

No Agency Required: Design Your Own Remarkable Marketing Campaigns

Lead by Julie Szabo, Capulet

Have you seen a creative marketing campaign and thought, “If only I could afford an agency to design a campaign like that for me!” The good news is you don’t have to pay a fancy agency or be struck by lightening to think up remarkable marketing ideas for your venture. Join Julie for a crash course in marketing innovation where you’ll learn practical techniques for igniting creative and innovative thinking. You’ll take away three surefire methods for kickstarting the creative process and designing head-turning marketing campaigns of your own.

About Julie

For 15 years, I’ve helped progressive companies and international non-profits launch high-impact marketing campaigns that turn heads and inspire action. Now, I teach communications and fundraising teams how to design their own remarkable campaigns. I love training, advising and coaching teams for peak performance so they can achieve their best-ever results.

Capulet has designed marketing campaigns for Mountain Equipment Co-op, the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, Saint Michaels University School, Metro Vancouver, Canuck Place and many others. 

Pitching For The Win: What Investors Are Looking For When You Ask for Money

Roundtable with Jose Corona, David Berge, Underdog Ventures, & Kate Storey, Renewal Partners

What are investors looking for when you are pitching your enterprise for funding? What is an equity round and how does it differ from Angel investing? Do investors really pay attention to social values as well as profit margins? This conversation will take a candid look at what investors are thinking when you are pitching your venture. Learn which numbers they are looking for and what part of your story impacts their investment.

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