Workshops give you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and develop strategies to work through uncertainty and volatility.

Workshops will be recorded so that you can review the learnings at any time on-demand.

The agenda will be updated with the workshop schedule once timings are finalized

More workshops to be announced soon!


Agile Strategy: Planning Your Work When You Don’t Know What’s Coming

October 14 (Wed) 3:30-5:00pm PT / 4:30-6:00pm MT

Leading a venture has never been easy, and it’s only getting more challenging as the business community faces up to complex social and environmental challenges.

Traditional approaches to strategy no longer work, and plans aren’t effective if they end up as artifacts on dusty hard drives! Today, they must be living documents, grounded in values, that empower leaders and support the ongoing growth and development of the organization.

So how do you build an effective strategy? And how do you translate ideas into impact? In this session Mike Rowlands will share insights into Junxion’s Turning Point™ approach, which blends Agile methodologies, Appreciative Inquiry, stakeholder engagement and systems thinking in an integrated model that’s been implemented by many SVI alumni in their ventures—and that’s helping them weather the current COVID-19 health, economic, and societal crises.

Presented by Mike Rowlands

Mike Rowlands is President & CEO at Junxion Strategy, an international social impact consultancy that exists to help the bold visionaries of the next economy to articulate their purpose, plan their positive impact, share their stories, and demonstrate their accountability. From offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and London, UK, Junxion serves clients on five continents, including major corporations, emerging social ventures, non-profits and civil society organizations, and governments.

Mike chairs the Board of Directors of Hollyhock, a lifelong learning centre and retreat on Canada’s west coast, that hosts nearly 100 annual programs designed to support, nourish and inspire people committed to healthier organizations, communities, and world. He is also an Ambassador for B Corp.

Nimble Digital Marketing Strategies to Help Your Organization Navigate Uncertain Times

October 15 (Thurs) 3:45-5:15pm PT / 4:45-6:15 MT

The pandemic of 2020 has drastically altered our way of life and had a major impact on the behaviour of stakeholders, customers, and employees alike. Digital marketing transformation has become imperative as organizations grapple with new ways of doing business in a socially distanced reality.

This workshop will explore nimble strategies to evolve your digital marketing and position your organization for growth in the post pandemic world.

Presented by Mhairi Petrovic

Mhairi Petrovic works with organizations that do good in the world to help them do better online. As founder of Out-Smarts she has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses in BC and beyond providing digital marketing strategies and services. She has been lucky enough to work with thought leaders and changemakers at Fairware, Vancouver Foundation and Junxion to name a few. When not managing her small but mighty team, Mhairi can be found sharing her digital marketing knowledge at SFU, Small Business BC, and Bow Valley College.

In her spare time, Mhairi enjoys making fermented foods, finding cool street art, exploring ancient history and riding her bike.


The Power of the Plan: How to Create a Social Media Plan That Works for You

October 16 (Fri) 1:30-3:00pm PT / 2:30-4:00pm MT

Whether you’re a brand owner or a marketer, you know the value of content and social media in reaching, engaging and growing the trust of audiences. You also know that it takes time — often more than you have to create quality content at the volume you’re told you need.

We’ll show you a few tricks of the content marketing trade as we walk you through how to plan the right content for your specific audiences. You’ll emerge from the workshop with a clear picture and at least a week’s worth of content of the content your brand most needs now.

Presented by Shannon Emmerson

Shannon Emmerson works with brands and organizations to tell and amplify their stories online. Shannon is the President of Forge & Spark Media, a content marketing agency helping purpose-driven brands and leaders to connect powerfully and genuinely with their audiences.

She has created content strategies, brand stories and web and social content for brands such as the Giustra Foundation, L’Arche International, Alinker, Electronic Arts, London Drugs, and CPA Canada. She’s a teacher, speaker and writer on content marketing and brand storytelling and is learning the ways of Minecraft from her 9-year-old son.


Reconcili-ACTION: Build Meaningful Relations with Indigenous Peoples

October 15 (Thurs) 3:45-5:15pm PT / 4:45-6:15 MT

This is not your typical workshop. It is for anyone who wishes to cultivate right relations but is unsure where to begin. Expect stories and interactive, creative activities that will inspire you to unpack unconscious bias, privilege, and misconceptions in a safer space; learn about Indigenous practices of inclusion; and build a foundation for engaging more meaningfully with Indigenous Peoples. We include the word “action” in our title as we believe that learning is holistic and experiential. No background training is necessary, all learning levels are welcome.

Presented by Kelly Terbasket

A proud Syilx Okanagan woman of mixed European heritage, Kelly combines a wealth of experience in Indigenous community development with a passion for social change and an abiding gift for creating fun spaces for others. Kelly brings 30+ years of work in regional and provincial positions along with diverse skills that include being an in-demand facilitator, certified coach, curriculum developer, filmmaker, and holding a degree in social work. Coming from strong families in both the Indigenous and non-Indigenous worlds, she has spent her life bridging these divides and is supportive of others navigating this important process.

Kelly is co-founder and Program Director of IndigenEYEZ. IndigenEYEZ puts Indigenous principles and practices together with cutting-edge tools in social engagement to deliver workshops that build bridges between allies and Indigenous peoples. It uses playfulness and creativity to ease participants into difficult conversations in a safe way.

Taster: M̓i tel’nexw Leadership Transformation

October 16 (Fri) 1:30-3:00pm PT / 2:30-4:00pm MT

M̓i tel’nexw Leadership Transformation is a 4-part experiential learning designed with an appreciative approach that responds to improving what we feel is lacking in “cultural competency” training.

This session is a taster of a 4-part series which will launch November 3rd. The full series is for you if…

  • You want to learn Squamish history and teachings from our perspective
  • You want to unlearn supremacy and racism through a holistic lens
  • You want to apply Indigenous understandings of balance & interconnection for better relations and community care
  • You want to understand how Squamish cultural training and approaches to Hereditary Chieftainship, Relational Leadership and Wealth Distribution can lead us all to more sustainable lifestyles and consumption.

Presented by M̓i tel’nexw Leadership Society

We are committed to sharing models of Indigenous resilience that can be applied by everyone to leadership settings now. We are excited about sharing how we have continued to thrive through adversity and supporting our community of learners to do the same. Our Elders have shared there are teachings and love stored in the land for everyone. Through decolonizing practices, more are accessing that connection by acknowledging Indigenous territories and having gratitude for the Ancestors of those lands. Walking in a good way is the next level of that work.

M̓i tel’nexw Leadership Society was founded by Chepximiya Siyam’ Chief Janice George, Skwetsimeltxw Willard ‘Buddy’ Joseph, Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee and Lloyd Attig to weave our Indigenous excellence in service of social change we see as an awakening.

Developing a Resilient Leadership Practice

October 14 (Wed) 3:30-5:00pm PT / 4:30-6:00pm MT

Now more than ever, we are challenged in our leadership to be flexible and adaptable in the face of uncertainty and change.  Our workshop will introduce participants to leadership practices and mind training tools that get to the heart of what it means to be a resilient and compassionate leader for yourself and others.

Together we will explore:

  • How to get back to centre when challenges arise.
  • How to increase self-awareness to support decision-making in real-time.
  • How to move from reaction to response and lead from choice, even when triggered.
  • How neuroscience impacts leadership and why that’s empowering.
  • How to create a road map for resilient leadership in times of uncertainty and in times of confidence.
  • How to name and claim tools that support  full presence at work and at home (for many more of us, these places are one and the same now!).

This workshop is an invitation to choose to develop resilient leadership practices and to model them behaviourally for your team/family/friends/self  with fluid confidence, an open-heart, and a calm mind.

Presented by Chloe Gow-Jarrett & Tara Parker Tait of 3fold Partners

Chloe Gow-Jarrett is Co-Founder and CEO at Vancouver’s 3fold, supporting leaders from a wide spectrum of sectors and industries to generate clarity of purpose, build powerful culture and develop resilient people as their organizations grow. Originally a Muskokan music teacher, she started in Toronto as the manager of lululemon athletica’s second store before becoming a founding member of the company’s training  and leadership development departments. Celebrated for her ability to develop powerful, purposeful leaders and deliver results-driven programming, Chloe has spent almost 20  years expertly crafting, producing, and facilitating transformational learning and growth experiences for individuals and organizations. Chloe is co-chairperson of the Vancouver Waldorf School Board of Trustees, the mother of two energetic young boys and is happiest when spending time in her garden.

Tara Parker Tait has made it her business to champion founders, empower changemakers and supercharge teams on the West Coast for more than 20 years. She co-founded Vitamin, Western Canada’s first online women’s lifestyle magazine, as well as Tara Parker Tait PR, a public relations firm for global brands like Nike, Cartier, and Gap Inc. TPT’s innate ability to cultivate relationships and build community led her to found a coaching business focused on emotional intelligence and conscious communication. Completing a Cultivating Emotional Balance Certification enabled TPT to align her business experience with engaging mind training and contemplative programming. Earlier this  year, TPT joined 3fold as a Senior Leadership Development Facilitator, leading 3fold’s Mind Training program. When not facilitating, TPT is happiest reading, learning something new, meditating and spending time deeply immersed in nature. She lives on Vancouver’s North Shore with her soccer-loving son and musical husband.

3fold Partners is a leadership development firm based in Vancouver. With more than 20 years of leadership development experience, 3fold supports leaders to generate clarity of purpose, build powerful culture and develop resilient people as their organizations grow. By designing, custom-crafting, and delivering diverse learning experiences focused on effective training, principle-based programs, and mental wellbeing, 3fold serves clients to cultivate highly successful, values-driven organizations, people, and lives.

Organizational Culture

Measuring Inclusive Culture is Critical to Feel the Change

October 14 (Wed) 3:30-5:00pm PT / 4:30-6:00pm MT

Inclusive culture is about creating a space where people feel they are accepted and belonged. When people can quantify their experience, it provides a validation that change is happening. In this workshop, we will focus on creating an inclusive culture and managing the change with that lens.

Participants will walk away with the case for an inclusive strategy, best practices for embedding equity, diversity and inclusion into how you do business, as well as tools and resources to support the implementation.

Presented by Manpreet Dhillon

Ranked #15 globally on the 2020 EmPower Ethnic Minority Future Leaders list, Manpreet Dhillon is an equity, diversity, and inclusion specialist with a unique lens as a leadership coach for women with culturally diverse backgrounds who want to have an equal seat at the table with equal pay. She focuses on creating systemic change to address institutionalized inequalities through representation from the communities being served.

Manpreet has over 15 years of leadership, coaching, human resources, and community development expertise.

Manpreet is the founder/CEO of Veza and an Entrepreneur in Residence with Women’s Enterprise Center. Veza has worked with notable organizations, including UN affiliate: Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, UN Women, City of Vancouver, University of British Columbia, HR Tech Group, Immigrant Employers Council of BC, Blenz Coffee, 7-Eleven, Terramera, as well as a host of tech and biotech companies, and non-profit organizations. She also led a trade mission of women entrepreneurs to Croatia – one of the first held by a private company to further the mission of increasing export by women entrepreneurs.

Manpreet has held positions as a board member of Canada India Education Society, liveBIG Society, British Columbia Institute of Technology Alumni Board of Directors, past Board Member of Royal Roads University, and has served on various arts and health boards.

Manpreet is a twice contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul, and a contributing author to Forbes, Thrive Global, and Small Business BC.

She received her Masters in Organizational Management and resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Yin Yoga

October 15 (Thurs) 5:30-6:15pm PT / 6:30-7:15pm MT

Yin is a mind-body practice that is accessible to people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. It consists of gentle floor-based stretches and poses with a focus on breathing to find space, peace and resiliency.

The Yin practice of longer held shapes helps to identify and dismantle old holding patterns, releases stress and tension in the tissues and helps to clarify the mind.  This offering with Danielle Hoogenboom is perfect for all levels and interests. It is easy, effective and efficient and curated specially for the SVI Family. We hope to see you for a 45 minute offering on October 15th at 5:30 pm PDT for a mini Yin class via Zoom.

Presented by Danielle Hoogenboom

Danielle Hoogenboom has been sharing wellness practices for over a decade, leading plant-based retreats and cultivating creative productions with global teams.  She founded Love Light Yoga with a focus on restorative practices,  social justice, environmental activism and wellness education. She recently expanded to launch a Virtual Yin Studio to connect the #yinrebels of the world, bringing together people from all over the world in one virtual space to share poses, energies and ideas.

Collaborations are at the core of Danielle’s work as she bridges the gap between the mystical and the practical, the personal and the collective.


Your Money & Your Impact: Value Based Financials for Impact Businesses

October 15 (Thurs) 3:45-5:15pm PT /4:45-6:15pm MT

Money and impact go together, and build on each other. We often spend a lot of time defining our impact and very little looking at financial sustainability. The truth is social enterprises are businesses and we all need to bridge the gap to truly achieve the journey from single to triple bottom line.

In this workshop we work on weaving together impact and money so that we can sustain the business of doing good.  We will be using a human-centered design framework of financial resiliency within the impact space and using language that is accessible to communicate complex budgetary and strategic aspects of money and finances.

In this workshop you will work on:

  • Budgets and financial forecasting that work within the framework of Impact
  • How financial resiliency achieves more impact
  • A bonus of how to manage what you have and the hidden gem of community.

Presented by Fatima Kamenge

Fatima is a serial Entrepreneur and strategy consultant who is committed to empowering people through business development and financial independence. She currently serves as Head of Social Ausum, a consulting firm on impact sustainability and financial resiliency for mission based social enterprise.

An avid volunteer, she currently sits on the board of Youth of East Africa as well as Vibe Arts and can also be found participating in various civic actions in Toronto.

Although she calls Toronto home, she was born in Burundi and has lived and worked in Ivory coast, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and few other places. She is passionate about community engagement, art and social Entrepreneurship.

Raising Capital Roundtable

October 16 (Fri) 12:15-1:15pm PT / 1:15-2:15pm MT

Join this open session and ask your questions about raising capital. A panel of experienced financiers and entrepreneurs will share from their knowledge and own experiences.

Facilitated by Mary Lou Miles (Genus Capital)

Featuring Keith Ippel (Spring Activator), Jane Bisbee (Social Enterprise Fund), Marc Drouin (BDC)