Featured Speakers

True Confessions

Attendees are given the opportunity to hear from leading entrepreneurs who will share their trials, tribulations and triumphs in creating socially responsible businesses. These personal and intimate “confessions” are instrumental learning moments around the challenges and successes of building businesses focused on a triple bottom line.

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Rebuilding Community in Place

How does a community redevelop to work better for the people who already live there? What does it look like to harness the local knowledge, relationships, unique characteristics, and assets which exist in community to build an inclusive local economy?

This special session talks to two island communities on two coasts about how they’re creating opportunities to bring community members home.

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Creating Inclusive Economies

Our old economic systems are crumbling. New ways are emerging. What are the practical and tactical steps that individuals and investors can and must do to create more inclusive economies? Hear from some of the leading finance practitioners from across North America share their strategies and game changing perspectives in playing a key role in the transition towards a more just, inclusive and sustainable economy. You will gain insight, knowledge and tools to help you be an active part of the solution.

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Unlearning the Ways We Work: Anti-Oppression for Social Venture Leaders

Doing the work of social change requires us to change ourselves. Presented by Groundswell Alternative Business School

We’re drawn to social change, though we rarely pause to look at how our ways of working perpetuate the very systems we seek to change. First, we’ll get comfortable with “naming the thing” and see how systems of oppression are interconnected. Then we’ll unpack the dominant narratives that affect how we work, how we define success, and how we value ourselves and others. You’ll be guided through self-reflection, an exercise to prioritize your values, and a collective learning practice to cultivate alternative ways of working. This is an invitation to unlearn, relearn and recommit to doing the work of social change.

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Ignite! Celebrating 25 Years of SVI

An evening of energizing rapid fire storytelling and joyful connection! Hear from SVI longtime alumni about the impact SVI has had on their lives, and from the next generation carrying the flame forward.

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