Case Studies

The Case Study model at SVI provides an opportunity for the entire conference to gain powerful and tangible skills to support running a successful social venture. Thriving businesses identify a specific challenge which our panel of experts and conference attendees will help provide insight on.

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Check out the 2019 Case Studies below:

Abeego | Toni Desrosiers, CEO

Abeego exists to disrupt normalized food waste and push the boundaries on what is thought of as fresh food and shift the mindset to keeping food alive.

In North America, nearly a pound of food is wasted per person daily; fruits and vegetables account for 39% of this food waste. This is a result of improper food storage.

Food needs to breathe. Like any other living thing, it can’t survive in an airtight plastic environment.

We created Abeego to pick up where the peel leaves off. A skin for the skinless, a peel for the peeled, Abeego protects and breathes so food is preserved for longer than ever imagined. We’re keeping food out of the compost so you can enjoy your food to the very last bite.


Brave Technology Coop | Oona Krieg, Chief Operations Officer

Brave develops technology that helps communities organize around safer drug consumption. Our products are designed to connect people who use drugs to the help they need: an ally to talk to, a human supervisor to ensure they are safe, digital monitoring technology to detect when they’re in danger, a community of volunteer overdose responders, and professional emergency first responders. As a cooperative, our tech, design, focus, ownership and direction are all determined by the community growing around us.


Brightside Community Homes Foundation | Carolina Ibarra, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects

In 1952, inspired by the vision and dedication of a small group of people, and with the support of various levels of government, Housing Foundation of BC was incorporated under the Society Act of BC as a non-profit society providing low-cost housing to senior citizens in Vancouver.

Over 65 years later, with the same mandate but much larger community impact, including families and people with disabilities, the organization has rebranded as Brightside Community Homes Foundation to better reflect its mission. Brightside is a private-sector, non-profit organization that currently owns and manages 26 buildings comprising of 940 units across the city of Vancouver. With assets of nearly $250 million, it is one of British Columbia’s largest housing societies.


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