Case Studies

The Case Study model at SVI provides an opportunity for the entire conference to gain powerful and tangible skills to support running a successful social venture. Thriving businesses identify a specific challenge which our panel of experts and conference attendees will help provide insight on.


Nadia Hamilton, Founder

Nadia is a passionate entrepreneur who was inspired by her brother with autism to build an award-winning company that helps people with autism to live with greater independence, through partnership with over 40 content producing customers including CIBC, Colgate-Palmolive, San Francisco International Airport, A&W, WestJet, Royal Ontario Museum and other companies and venues across North America.
Magnusmode’s first solution, MagnusCards, is the digitalized version of the hand-drawn solution Nadia made for her brother when they were younger. It’s the ultimate strategy guide for life, with an ever-expanding library of guides (Card Decks) for home and community experiences. Companies and venues across North America share Nadia’s vision of an accessible world, and sponsor the creation of branded Card Decks to help welcome and support customers with disabilities.


Heng Ou, Founder

Heng is the author of The First Forty Days and Awakening Fertility and founder of MotherBees. She is a single mother of 3 teenagers and living with her family in Southern California.
MotherBees is a food and lifestyle company dedicated to nourishing a woman through conception, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Universal Access

Sean Crump, CEO

Sean is an accessibility and universal design industry expert and an inclusion collaborator. After breaking his neck in 2004 from a diving accident, he now lives his life with quadriplegia and utilizes a wheelchair to optimize his independence. Sean has dedicated the better part of his professional career committed to bettering accessibility and inclusion in society. As founder of Universal Access, Sean’s goal is to create communities where all people feel comfortable conducting daily tasks, participating in social events, and contributing to their economic well-being as though spaces were designed to accommodate all people regardless of their unique characteristics.

Derek Deacon-Rogers, COO

Derek is a Social Entrepreneur who believes in the power of business for good. He knows that we can use ingenuity to design and operate businesses that have a positive impact on our planet, our neighbours and our pocketbooks. As founder of GenerousSolutions, Derek created a barrier-free ticketing and registration platform that has raised over $1.4 million dollars for local Nonprofits. As a volunteer Board member, he has helped the Volunteer Centre of Calgary (propellus) and Children’s Link digitizatize their services – enabling them both to become social enterprises, to start earning revenue and reduce their dependence on government grants.
Universal Access (UA) is an internationally recognized accessibility consulting and certification agency. They are on a mission to unify accessibility across the globe by developing technology that allows business, architects and governments to effortlessly assess their spaces. From commercial spaces in excess of 500,000 square feet to coffee shops, conferences and events UA helps to address the unique relationship between spatial layout, social inclusion, and economic participation. They currently offer three progressive levels of certification based on Universal Design standards, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

DreamRider Productions

Vanessa LeBourdais, Executive Producer & Creative Director

Vanessa LeBourdais began her environmental journey as an organizer and chief songwriter of the Clayoquot Sound Blockades, which are widely considered to have sparked the Canadian environmental movement. As the Co-Founder and Executive Producer at DreamRider Productions, Vanessa is the Creative Lead on the Planet Protector Academy programs: producing, writing, directing, songwriting, singing, as well as building a kind, inclusive culture and a new evolutionary model of nonprofit governance. As a volunteer, she initiated and co-leads a successful equity movement in the 50K member nonprofit social media group, Nonprofit Happy Hour. Vanessa was recently recognized as a global leader in social entrepreneurship by Ashoka Changemakers after a three year vetting process. All her work is sourced from a deep connection with the land.
For over 20 years, DreamRider Productions have been inspiring and training kids to become lifelong “Planet Protectors.” Our work in the world is to create transformational learning experiences for kids that inspire them to become changemakers for the environment in their families and communities. Online and in person, our tools are joy, humour, storytelling and arts-based play. We spark a light in kids, inspiring a commitment to protect the land that often lasts a lifetime. We’ve reached over a million kids in over 150 cities across Canada and in the US and India.