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Two decades ago, the idea that business could be based in social mission and impact was radical. Through 25 years of convening investors, innovators, and leaders, Social Venture Institute has contributed to a global movement of socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Join us on Cortes Island September 22 – 26 to take part in a dynamic gathering of mission-driven leaders who are committed to generating positive impact through social venture.

Now Sold Out!

Attendance is limited, and this year will be our most intimate experience yet. The SVI Producer Team is carefully curating a small, but diverse cohort. If you have been longing for a more intimate SVI experience, with a little less crowd and a lot more space, this is the year to join.

Learn with the best.

 SVI is highly interactive and experiential

“True Confession” speakers share instrumental learning moments on the challenges and successes of building business that is focused on a triple bottom line.

Tarun Nayar

Tarun Nayar

Lise Birikundavyi
CFA, Impact Investment Professional

Omar Yaqub

Omar Yaqub
Executive Director, Islamic Family & Social Services Association

Devon Brooks

Devon Brooks
CEO of Sphere

Case studies are an opportunity to hear about a key business challenge with a panel of experts and the gathering as a whole offering constructive feedback and insights.

Interactive skill-building workshops cover a range of topics from strategy and marketing to personal leadership and equity training. These workshops will also be recorded so you have the choice of attending live or watching on your own schedule later on.

Love Swoosh

Throughout the gathering you will have opportunities to connect deeply with like-minded leaders through breakouts and peer coaching circles. In one-on-one coaching sessions, you’ll also have the chance to talk with a subject matter expert about a challenge you’re facing. In addition, all SVI alumni join an online community to share ideas, make asks, and meet throughout the year.

  • "SVI was exactly what I had hoped for - a place to reconnect, be inspired, and be reminded with why I love business as a vehicle of change."

    Zoe Currelly Saltspring Harvest
  • "I was looking for a deep-dive into the social venture sphere: to learn, connect with leaders in the field, and come away with tools to help build a better world. SVI delivered."

    Adam Lynes-Ford Iron & Earth
  • "SVI allowed me to connect with others in the engaged in social purpose and purpose-driven work in an intense and comprehensive way that I have never experienced anywhere else."

    Matt Hessey Hessey Consulting + Architecture Inc.
  • "SVI offered a caring, compassionate space to discuss the very real problems and challenges being faced every day by social ventures and organizations. The honesty and willingness to share, and the genuine desire to help and support, truly impressed and humbled me."

    Shannon Emmerson President, Forge & Spark Media Ltd.
  • "SVI helped me take charge of my business and put its destiny in my own hands. It helped me envision where I want my business to go and how I can design it to help build the life I want to lead!"

    Annelies Tjebbes
  • "SVI is redefining the conference landscape with dynamic programming and meaningful content."

    Robert Fisher Dogwood

Meet your people.

Meet the team behind Social Venture Institute.

Mike Rowlands

Junxion Strategy

Pamela Chaloult

Practical Feet Advisors

Vanessa Richards

Creative Together

Laurel Dault

Social Innovation Manager

Joel Solomon

Renewal Funds

Aarti Kamat

City Hive
Youth Development Coordinator

Our Partners

We are grateful to our Partners and Sponsors who provide critical support to ensure SVI’s success and to increase accessibility by supporting the conference scholarship fund. If you are interested in partnering with SVI, please connect with us.

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Tarun Nayar

Tarun NayarTarun has built his world at intersections. Of east and west. Of music and business. Of science and art. Born to a white Canadian mother and an immigrant Indian father in French Canada, he has always lived in multiple worlds. He is comfortable in discomfort and fascinated with helping people find common ground, opening doors, and equalling the playing field. He is passionate about changing perceptions and championing unheard stories and talent.

Trained formally in Indian Classical Music from the age of 7, Tarun’s involvement in Vancouver’s underground electronic music scene in his early 20s led to the formation of well-known Canadian band Delhi 2 Dublin in 2006. He has since led the band to Glastonbury (UK), Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (US), Woodford (AUS) and almost 2000 other club and festival gigs around the world. Tarun is passionate about creating opportunities in the arts for people of colour. He is Executive Director of 5X Festival, Canada’s largest South Asian youth event. He is the interim co-chair of Vancouver’s New Forms Festival, a board member of the Canadian Live Music Association, a member of FACTOR’s Diversity and Inclusivity Committee, and the leader of the 2019 + 2020 Music BC Trade Mission to Mumbai. Tarun manages emerging Pakistani-Canadian electronic artist Khanvict, and is the co-founder and owner of digital label Snakes x Ladders which focuses on the new wave of hybrid South Asian artists.

Lise Birikundavyi, CFA, Impact Investment Professional

Lise Birikundavyi is the principal and fund manager for Black Innovation Capital, the first institutionally- backed black-led VC fund in Canada. Lise is an innovative finance specialist who has worked with several international institutions, most notably the Jacobs Foundation for whom she managed an edtech impact investment strategy. Lise also mentors and supports highly promising and impactful start-ups in emerging markets.

Lise began her career in the hedge fund industry in Montreal and her interest in mixing attractive financial returns with long term societal impact is what inspired her to transition to the impact finance sector. She has experience across the investment spectrum: from funds of funds and VCs, to being the transition CEO of a tech start-up.

Lise is a CFA charterholder; she also holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, where she wrote her thesis on impact investing, and a trilingual BBA from HEC Montreal. Lise is fluent in French, English and Spanish, and has a conversational level of Mandarin. She is a firm believer in using the forces of capital markets as a basis for more inclusive wealth creation and sustainable poverty alleviation.

Omar Yaqub, Executive Director, Islamic Family & Social Services Association

Omar YaqubOmar Yaqub hails from small town Alberta. He holds a Doctor of Sacred Letters, and an MBA. He sits on the Servus CU board, and serves with He helped build the Social Enterprise Fund, Sustainable Works, and MBAs Without Borders. He has worked with diverse communities in six countries, from Canada’s far North, to East & West Africa. His work has been profiled by CNN Money 2.0 and Global TV.

Omar Yaqub has a lifetime of experience in failing and rebounding in the for-benefit sector. He wants to help organizations succeed through listening, sharing, and gratitude.

About (IFSSA)

IFSSA is an Imagine Canada accredited charity, the winner of the Government of Alberta’s Inspiration Award for its work combatting domestic violence (2020), the Canadian Mental Health Associations Professional Service Award (2020) & the creator of the Canadian Prayer Rug (

People come to IFSSA for support with security, safety and growth. IFSSA serves 5000 clients every month, runs Edmonton’s second largest food bank, provides aid in financial crisis, supports victims of gender-based violence, settles refugees, and delivers a range of preventative programming for youth. IFSSA’s services are open to all.

IFSSA’s current moonshots are…

  1. Moving intake and assessment in social services sector from an interrogation to a conversation focused on clients goals
  2. Melding local economic development, food justice in sustainable new ways
  3. A therapeutic Hüb for community, geared towards post-pandemic reconnection, creativity and wellness.

Devon Brooks, CEO of Sphere

Devon BrooksDevon Brooks is an experienced Leadership coach herself, raised by a veteran Business & Leadership coach (her mom), she intimately understands what coaching needs to reach its tipping point. Devon has a proven track record of galvanizing emerging markets and scaling teams, having created the blow-dry market category with her first business, Blo (130+ locations worldwide). Devon’s new start-up Sphere is championed by investment from executives hailing from Lululemon, Viacom and Headspace.

About Sphere

A membership-based marketplace-platform supporting consciousness in the world by democratizing access to personal and professional coaching experiences. Sphere is the smartest, most affordable way to get tailored personal and professional coaching experiences that drive your growth, well-being and resilience.