Featured Storytellers

True Confessions

Andrea Reimer

Andrea is a long-time community organizer on issues of social, economic and environmental justice. She’s served with organizations ranging from credit unions to farmers markets and spent 10 years as the Executive Director of Canada’s largest membership-based environmental group, fighting to preserve biodiversity and protect Canada’s last remaining intact wilderness areas. In 2002 she was elected to the Vancouver School Board – a first for the Green Party in Canada – and went on to serve three terms on Vancouver City Council. As Vancouver’s first permanent Deputy Mayor she took the lead on many transformative policy initiatives including the bold plan to make Vancouver the world’s Greenest City and the Renewable City Strategy to transition Vancouver to 100% renewable energy.

After choosing not to run for re-election, Andrea was awarded a Loeb Fellowship at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design in recognition of her work on urban policy and democracy. She currently teaches about power at UBC and SFU, consults on climate, jobs and justice with non-profits, the public sector and mission-driven businesses, and volunteers on the UBC Board of Governors and the World Future Council.

Pivot Party

Hear from entrepreneurs who experienced the world changing around them and made a major shift worth celebrating. Their brutal honesty will help illuminate lessons for all of us navigating change in these unprecedented times.

Anthonia Ogundele

As a trained planner, Anthonia has a passion for cities and engaging communities. She was a member of the North East False Creek Stewardship Committee, igniting the re-imaging on Hogan’s Alley. In 2016 she turned a storefront facing closet into the Cheeky Proletariat, located on Carrall street, which is an accessible and inclusive space for the free expression of all people. Since it was launched, 60 “creatively inclined” individuals have presented projects.

As a new mama to a 12 year old, her daughter has opened her eyes to see the city in a new way and support future generations. Anthonia is committed to supporting youth empowerment through her partnership with Solid State Industries (https://www.solidstateindustries.com/) to launch the Ethọ́s Lab. She describes it as ‘WeWork’ meets ‘Hogwarts’ meets ‘Wakanda’. Through the Ethọ́s Lab Project she is hoping to inspire a legacy of Black leadership as well as answer the question: “What might place/space making look like when you centre the Humanity of the Black experience?”

Anthonia was previously the Manager of Environmental Sustainability, Business Continuity and Emergency Planning at Vancity Credit Union and has spent the last 15 years as a Resilience professional.

James Boettcher

Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, James knew that whatever his life’s work would turn out to be, having fun and doing good would need to be at the heart of it. Acquiring what would become Righteous with nothing more than a dream and an understanding of hard work, James has ensured that his gelato company Fiasco Gelato has become a force for good and the kind of company you would want your mom or dad to work for.

Suzanne Siemens

Passionate about business and leadership, Suzanne is a CPA-turned-entrepreneur dedicated to promoting social change through business. With over 30 years of financial and executive management experience, Suzanne leads Aisle (recently rebranded from Lunapads), an award-winning impact venture recognized for its social and environmental leadership. Suzanne leverages her financial expertise and creative business acumen to successfully manufacture a world class collection of sustainable menstrual products to consumers who care about their health. Bringing ethics and transparency to the forefront of her business practices, Suzanne is a sought after speaker and mentor, inspiring others to lead with purpose and achieve business success.

Live Case Studies

Three bold leaders have raised their hand to share how COVID has impacted their organization. Together we’ll brainstorm solutions that they (and you) can take away to make the best of a tough situation.

Emily-Anne King

Emily-anne founded Backpack Buddies along with her mother Joanne in 2012. The Backpack Buddies model creates change in two very different ways, and Emily-anne is equally committed to teaching kids about building empathy as she is about feeding children in need. Emily-anne and her husband have a sweet baby girl named London.

Mauricio Lozano

Mauricio Lozano is a Food Engineer specialized in the optimization of food manufacturing processes. He moved to Vancouver in 2008 for his Master Degree in Food Science at UBC. He has worked for Hain Celestial, Molson-Coors,  Zag Global and Nectar Juicery. His job has always been in relation to using good bugs, minimizing bad bugs, and killing ugly bugs. Currently, he is a Food Manufacturing Consultant,  an instructor at BCIT and a “jack of all trades” at Faculty. Faculty Brewing Co. is an open-source brewery that works as a space to create community, decentralize the market, share ideas and support like-minded initiatives.

Mo Dhaliwal

Mo began his journey at the University of the Fraser Valley studying business administration. Over the course of a decade, his long standing passion for technology, and his hunger for new experiences led him to Silicon Valley where he honed his talents in software development and Internet marketing. He returned to Canada with a newfound appreciation for the cultural diversity found in his home, and set out on a personal mission to shatter barriers and encourage cross-cultural understanding.

In 2012, Mo was recognized for his contributions by Business for the Arts as the national recipient of the Arnold Edinborough Award, and in 2013 was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. An ability to connect cultures and disrupt the status quo is reflected in Mo’s aptitude for connecting clients to their audiences and bringing new ideas to fruition. As Director of Strategy at Skyrocket, Mo collaborates with creative minds across the country and continues to create moving experiences for clients and community.