2017 is one of the most important years of our lives and generations to come. The Social Venture/Social Change conference series actively work to build a culture of strength through shared experiences and generosity. SVI in Vancouver is an accessible way to connect with the SVI Community.

Clarify your purpose.
Deepen the roots of your relationships.
Nourish bold initiatives.
Join us.

We developed SVI Vancouver to expand leadership communities. Whether its a shorter journey from other geographies, or a chance to take a pause from your work locally for a few days to recharge and reconnect with the pulse of change making. SVI Vancouver kicks off the Leadership Institute’s potent support of this poignant year.

So whether you’ve already experienced SVI and want a boost, or have heard about the experience and want to test the waters, SVI Vancouver warmly welcomes you in 2017. Or if you want to learn more about any of our intimate and beloved curated conferences, reach out and we will respond.

Join us April 19th – 21st for interactive, peer + expert learning. Be in community with doing-good entrepreneurs from all sectors. Together we will move forward through this moment in time, stronger.

See you in there!


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