2020 workshops to be announced soon. If you are interested in presenting a workshop, submit your proposal below. Please note that you must be registered for SVI Women for your workshop proposal to be considered. Questions? Email us at sviwomen@gmail.com.

To give you a flavor of SVI Women workshops, here are a few from previous years:

Understanding Your Capital Options: There are a variety of capital options available to fund the growth of your business at different stages. In this session, we will cover factors to consider when raising capital for your company; how to match the right kind of capital to the stage of your company; and what to consider before taking on capital. 

Giving and Receiving Feedback: Leadership growth and development is directly related to your ability to receive and implement the feedback you are getting, whether it’s delivered skillfully or not. Explore three different types of feedback and develop your ability to see what’s right instead of what’s wrong with the feedback you are getting. 

Your Story in Four Words: This workshop will offer a structure for considering “your story” for your business or brand in just a few words, literally: the beginning, middle, and “end” and also identifies the villain – that obstacle or challenge that stands in your way. 

Connecting our Inclusion Efforts: An Open Conversation: We invite you to come and discuss where you are on the journey of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, from just figuring it out to sharing best practices. 

Managing Performance: The Collaborative Way: In this workshop, a new paradigm for managing performance with a values-based focus will be offered: Collaborative performance “previews” followed by continuous conversations  where managers and employees are reciprocally accountable for goals being met and performance being developed. 

Managing Growth and Capacity: When entrepreneurs think of growth they can conflate or confuse the two distinct types. The first increases revenue or volume within existing capacity. The second actually increases the capacity of the business. Learn to quickly identify the differences, plan accordingly and manage the stress that can come with growth. 

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