Patrice Mousseau was a reluctant entrepreneur. Her story began several years ago when her daughter was diagnosed with eczema and prescribed a steroid cream. As a mother, Patrice felt there had to be options beyond steriod creams, but found nothing on the market that measured up. After much research and no small amount of trial and error the first batch of her balm was born in her own kitchen. I first met Patrice at SVI Women several years ago, she came to the conference with her little jar of homemade cream, at the time called e.e’s balm (for her daughter Esme). That SVI was a big piece of the start of Patrice’s roller coaster ride from kitchen creator to CEO of Satya Organic Eczema Relief™, now an international company experiencing rapid growth. She says unequivocally, “without SVI I wouldn’t be where I am today”. The journey from that first SVI started with the “insight and support of other participants to believe that I could be a business owner” and she built relationships there that were the “most valuable that she could imagine”. The results have been life changing.

Patrice Mousseau

Photo courtesy Angela Fama

At this year’s SVI Vancouver Patrice presented a Case Study for the group. Her challenge really centred around direction. Her company has been growing at an almost alarming rate after a CBC Unreserved interview caused her sales to skyrocket overnight, and she wanted to gain some clarity on her next moves. The case study really helped “solidified my need to get solid in the now and figure out what is going to make me happy in the long term”. Spending time at Hollyhock’s Leadership Conferences has been invaluable for Patrice who is “so grateful that people are in this community…this is where real change comes from.” She notes that there has been “huge value in learning from other people [in this community], things you didn’t even know you were looking for and conversations you hadn’t thought of.”

Another great outcome of the connections she’s built at SVI has been her success this past year as a SheEO Venture. Patrice commented that SheEO is like “SVI on steroids” and has been an amazing experience both personally and as a business woman. The involvement with SheEO has further developed her network of mentors, advisors and fellow entrepreneurs, as well as provided an interest free loan to expand her business.

Not only does Patrice talk the talk she walks the walk too, she says “businesses are supposed to serve their customers and it’s important to me to bring back consumer confidence and I wanted to be a company that did that”. Her company pays a living wage, even to contractors, she uses all eco friendly packaging, geothermal and wind power wherever possible, organic ingredients, and a money back guarantee on her product.

Check out the story of Satya below!

Video courtesy Satya Organic