Have you ever thought of running for office? What does it take? What it might mean for you?

Run for Office will bring people from across Canada together for four days to learn how to build an effective campaign and explore the realities of supporting, running, and holding public office as people from communities who have been traditionally excluded from electoral politics.

Join a group of progressives with an interest in running for office at all levels of government in Canada.

At Run for Office, you will gain practical campaign skills, refine personal narratives, discover the personal and emotional realities of being or supporting a candidate, and begin building a campaign plan, all with a network of past and present politicians, campaign staffers, and change makers.

2019 Presenters

Olivia Chow Institute for Change Leaders, Founder
Bowinn Ma BC NDP
Adam Olsen Green Party
Nadine Nakagawa City Councillor

For more presenters and details, go to our Presenter page.

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