In Hollyhock, SCI

Social Change Institute brings together a unique learning intersection of people with a ridiculously over ambitious intention to support multi-sector alliances for a stronger positive change culture, through relationships, strengthening skills, and leadership seasoning. This work improves odds for success, to master great challenges we face as society.

Are we totally nuts?

Maybe. It sounds like a fantasy or a pipe dream. Yet for many years, with its inevitable twists and turns, Social Change Institute delivers. Miraculously we accomplish a surprising degree of our intentions, creating partnerships, and transformational insights and connections, that result in new ideas, strategies and growing generosity that infuses many.

Joel SolomonAs curating producers we only know a portion of what happens at SCI. We set an agenda of “case studies,” interviews, storytelling, expert advisor sessions and exuberant social engagement, to bring together individuals with momentous impact when they understand allies in the landscape. In the supportive setting that Hollyhock provides, with nature’s ocean side bounty, personal and organizational advancement is the thread that weaves the conference ripples from one year to another.

Join us this year. Take time for yourself to replenish and refresh for the work ahead. Break out of your comfort zone and stretch your perspectives. Engage with seasoned veterans, rising stars, funders, resources, and unexpected talent – access and sectors you may not typically encounter.

Want more information about attending SCI 2017?

Connect with Emira Mears, who is filling Theo Lamb’s role while she takes some time with her new son, Sagan, and she will hear your goals, which both inform the program, and build the mix of attendees and resource people. If you’ve been before, can you share what has made SCI valuable for you, and let us know others you think should attend this year. We can then reach out. We will put together as much scholarship funding as we can, to make it more accessible.

I strongly encourage you to tap into this intergenerational, cross sectoral mix of smart and committed people.

See you in June 2017.

Joel Solomon