SteveKatz_blogSocial Change Institute 2013 is delighted to welcome Mojo to the mix this year. We’ve confirmed Mother Jones publisher, Steve Katz, will join us as one of our keynote speakers. If you’re not familiar with our keynote speaker format, allow me to explain.

Every year, the Social Change Institute at Hollyhock invites what we call keynote speakers to lead group discussions at the gathering. We aim to invite speakers who represent the diverse social change community across North America. These keynotes are often very personal in nature and reflect experience from across the non-profit and advocacy sector. The keynote speakers provide the gathering with the overall themes for the conference and the backbone of the agenda.

Steve Katz is a perfect fit for SCI for a number of reasons. From his experience as a leading voice in the environmental movement with Earthjustice to his passion for the arts, he is a social change leader working to define the new, non-profit and independent face of journalism. And, hey, we might even get lucky and learn more about why his publication Mother Jones is, y’know, called Mother Jones. (It should be said that the Social Change Institute crew digs the publication name.) Here’s the low-down on Mojo straight from their website:

“Mother Jones is a nonprofit news organization that specializes in investigative, political, and social justice reporting. We currently have two main “platforms”: an award-winning bimonthly national magazine (circulation 240,000), and a website featuring new, original reporting 24-7. (In the past we’ve had a radio show and TV specials; theme parks are in the conceptual stage.) Why should you read or support us? Because “smart, fearless journalism” keeps people informed—”informed” being pretty much indispensable to a democracy that actually works. Because we’ve been ahead of the curve time and again. Because this is journalism not funded by or beholden to corporations. Because we bust bullshit and get results. Because we’re expanding our investigative coverage while the rest of the media are contracting. Because you can count on us to take no prisoners, cleave to no dogma, and tell it like it is. Plus we’re pretty damn fun.”

The Steve Katz Curriculum Vitae

“Steven Katz is Publisher for Mother Jones and its non-profit publisher, the Foundation for National Progress. He joined MoJo in 2003 after several years as Vice President of Development for Earthjustice, a leading non-profit [environmental law firm]. While at Mother Jones, Steve helped found and was the first Project Director for The Media Consortium, a network of more than 40 independent, progressive media organizations across the United States.

Steve has thirty years’ experience working in the fields of [environmental] advocacy, the arts, social justice, and neighborhood-based housing development. Prior to joining Earthjustice in 1995, he was Managing Director for the California urban environmental advocacy organization, Communities for a Better Environment, from 1989 to 1994. During the mid and late 1980s, Steve worked in the non-profit arts world, including three years as Managing Director for the San Francisco-based touring ensemble, A Traveling Jewish Theatre. He also was Associate Director for Housing and Planning at Brooklyn’s Flatbush Development Corporation for two years in the early 1980s, and Development Coordinator for the Bronx-based sweat equity urban homesteading group, People’s Development Corporation, from 1976 to 1978.”