A stimulating time with 40+ creators of all ages: five days of dialogue, big groups, little groups, passionate dinner conversation and case studies- all about where media is, should be, might be and could be…
— Betsy Carson, Face to Face Media

In an era of divisiveness and disconnection, our relationship to media and technology must evolve. Can we, as makers, bring about more effective change by tapping into the poetic, the sensual, the natural, and the unexpected?

The Nature of Media is for artists, filmmakers, writers, and New Media makers who are expanding their horizons: creators who want to inspire reflection, empathy, meaningful conversation, and ultimately, action. It is a gathering that aims to explore storytelling, journalism, art, and technology as a bridge across political cultural divides; a one-of-a-kind opportunity to reconnect to the natural world, and to strengthen our human connections.

Surrounded by a powerful natural environment, participants form a collaborative community to discuss narratives and aesthetics that appeal to new regions of the mind, and re-examine the roots and the future of storytelling across a broad range of traditional and emerging platforms.

Come to learn, cross-pollinate, reinvigorate, and be inspired.

More info at mediathatmatters.org