“One of my best memories from last year’s Social Change Institute was the first night, when an impromptu group sat down together outside and launched into a long and spirited conversation on the state of the climate movement. It was the type of conversation that occurs on the best panels of the year, and there it was, not even on the main program.

I’m sad to say I cannot make SCI this year because I will be out of the country. But if you care about the state the world is in, and want to see change happen, being there should be a top priority.

What makes SCI different is its annual act of plucking activists of all stripes from their chronically busy lives, and throwing them together into a distilled essence of awesome. Each year the organizers manage to break people from their daily customs, pull back to see the big picture, then strategically reinsert agents of change. That is the true alchemy of SCI.

There is a lot to nourish the soul on Cortes Island. The Hollyhock property is gorgeous — I’m a big fan of the campground myself — and the food is amazing. I guarantee you will come home with your reservoirs of hope and energy restored.” – Marc Lee, 2012 SCI Alumni

Marc Lee researches and writes on a variety of economic and social policy issues for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative’s BC and National Offices. In addition to tracking federal and provincial budgets and economic trends, Marc has published on a wide range of topics from poverty and inequality to globalization and international trade to public services and regulation. Marc is the Co-Director of the Climate Justice Project, a five-year research partnership with the University of British Columbia, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, examining the links between climate change policies and social justice.