This year, Truthfool Communications joins the Social Change Institute at Hollyhock as one of our feature case studies.

As founder and Creative Director of Truthfool Communications, Sean Devlin has developed campaigns and actions for a variety of social change organizations. He is also an action coordinator with the Yes Men’s Yes Lab for Creative Activism. Sean will be presenting the case study this year with support from Brigette DePape who recently joined the Truthfool team. Brigette is a well-known organizer in the social change space who staged a silent protest as a page in the Parliament of Canada using a ‘Stop Harper’ sign. She recently co-edited a book on youth activism, and has interned with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. She’s active in the climate justice movement and was an organizer for the 2012 PowerShift convergence.

Sean and Brigette are coming to Social Change institute to explore a challenge regarding their non-profit organization, ShitHarperDid. ShitHarperDid was a web and video viral success,  in 2011 and offered Truthfool the opportunity to engage young people on a large scale. This project was the product of our strategic vision to engage a generation of Canadians in politics for the very first time using comedy and video.

Sean, Brigette and their team believe in the power of young people and humour to create social change. With the relaunch of ShitHarperDid, Truthfool’s goal is to move one million youth from being “not at all interested” in politics to “slightly interested” by inspiring them to vote. Over the next two years, Truthfool will teach youth how to mobilize and organize through comedy events, trainings, and film screenings. Social Change Institute at Hollyhock will offer Sean an opportunity to bring forward a key challenge he and his team face as they prepare their national campaign roll-out.

Join us at Social Change Institute this year to learn more about the Truthfool challenge and make a difference to their larger vision. Meantime, take a look at the video that marks the relaunch of ShitHarperDid in 2013.