We are thrilled that Ian Walker, co-founder and president of Left Coast Naturals will be doing a True Confession at SVI Hollyhock in partnership with his good friend, Matt Breech, founder of Tall Grass.

Ian Walker, co-founder and president of Left Coast Naturals

Ian-2012 (4Mb)Ian Walker is the co-founder and president of Left Coast Naturals, an organic food manufacturer and distributor based in British Columbia. Left Coast Naturals manufactures 4 natural food brands making products such as roasted seeds, nuts, granola and raw foods under the Hippie Foods, Dave & Friends, Skeet & Ike’s and Left Coast Bulk Foods names. They proudly manufacture here in town. They also have a full service distribution business managing 30 different Natural Food Brands from snacks to groceries to organic pet products to bio-degradable earth friendly cleaners across Western Canada. They are also the largest distributor of Organic Bulk Food Commodities in Western Canada. Left Coast Naturals has 5 times been named to “the fastest growing companies in BC” list by Business in Vancouver and has been listed 3 times in the Profit 200 fastest growing companies in Canada. Ian was named in December 2009 in the top 40 business people under 40 in BC by Business in Vancouver magazine. They have won a variety of sustainability awards including Burnaby Business awards for sustainability.

Ian grew up in the heart of Ontario agriculture in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. He studied Commerce at Dalhousie University and got a bachelor of commerce with a coop degree. He moved to BC in 1995, and began working for an environmental services business in sales and marketing. The following year (1996) he founded Left Coast Naturals with a friend Jason Dorland. Ian is currently a board member of COTA (Canadian Organic Trade Association, OTA (Organic Trade Association), and Walker Industries (a large Environmental Services Firm). He also serves on the advisory board for the Investeco Sustainable Food Fund and serves on the GMO working group of CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) among other volunteer boards and committees in the Organic Food Industry.

Ian lives in North Vancouver with his two children and dog. His greatest source of pride is balancing his work, volunteer activities while sharing a great majority of his time with his kids.

Ian has spent much of his focus at Left Coast Naturals in building one of the more sustainable businesses in the industry. They are working hard towards creating a truly sustainable business with Triple Bottom Line results and a lower footprint. As such, they do everything from monthly staff bonuses for cycling and taking transit to recycling pallet wrap to full supply chain assessment. Left Coast Naturals Vision Statement of “Good People Providing Good Food” sums up the essence of the company and Ian’s approach to business. Ian feels that companies are an integral part of society and as such have an obligation to be a positive influence on society. This includes how they run their business, how decisions are made, how people are treated and how they work within their community.


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