Past Workshops

Resilient Leadership

Lead by Urszula Lipsztajn, WorkBrite

As the demands on your time and energy increase, what choices will you make? How will you stay strong and calm, no matter what comes your way? This workshop is designed to help you build resiliency as a leader. Explore your current leadership in times of stress, reframe your relationship with self-care, and experience powerful tools so you can weather any storm with strength, calm and grace.

About Urszula

Urszula is a mindful leadership coach and facilitator, and the founder of WorkBrite. She uses mindfulness to guide leaders, teams and organizations striving for inner peace, fulfilling success, and powerful leadership. Mindfulness is a human-centred approach to success. Her favourite question to ask others: What do you want to be here for? Favourite places to be at Hollyhock: in the ocean, on the dance floor, with new and old friends.

Understanding Google Analytics: Creating A Measurement Plan For Your Business

Lead by Katie Jeanes, STAT Search Analytics

In this workshop, participants will analyze four different websites to learn how to think critically about the needs of their own site and the specific actions their visitors take online. We will then begin developing a measurement plan you can use for your own business, identifying key performance indicators based on measurable business objectives and goals. No technical skills are required to participate, but a positive attitude and sense of adventure are mandatory. There will be chocolate.

About Katie

After teaching hundreds of students at BCIT and RED Academy, Katie Jeanes now coaches entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, and creatives on their digital marketing. Prior to finding her passion in education, Katie founded two startups in digital media and fashion tech, and was the first employee at Spring Activator, a tech accelerator for social ventures. She is certified in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Hubspot, and Hootsuite.

Human Rights Law: How Far Organizations Need to Go to Accommodate Employees

Lead by Stephanie Vellins, partner at Harris & Co.

All Employers, no matter how small, are obliged to comply with human rights legislation, including the requirement to accommodate employees in protected groups (disability, religion, race, gender, age, family status etc.) to the point of undue hardship.  In this workshop we will explore putting the duty to accommodate in context, how to navigate the ins and outs of accommodation, how to recognize when you’ve reached the tipping point, and opportunities to shift how you manage and support your employees moving forward.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Vellins is a partner in the Vancouver labour and employment law firm of Harris & Company. She acts for a broad range of employer-side clients in both the public and private sectors, advising on all aspects workplace law, including employment, labour, human rights, employment standards and workers’ compensation. Stephanie regularly appears before labour arbitrators, the BC Labour Relations Board and the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Her advocacy has also brought her before the Supreme Court and the Provincial Court of British Columbia as well as other provincial and federal administrative tribunals. Over the last few years, Stephanie has spent increasing amounts of time conducting bullying and harassment investigations.

Branding: Beyond Your Logo

Lead by Jasmine Lukuku, Brand Consultant – RXVP

Branding does not stop at your logo. To build a thriving brand in a complex marketing landscape, you must take a wholistic approach. One powerful way to build your brand is to provide your customers with unexpected value and turn them into raving fans. This workshop will help you find your “people” and turn them into champions for your brand. You will learn how to create useful content and resources to support your brand and build your customer list. We will also talk about strategies on how to engage and collaborate with industry influencers to boost your brand awareness. Finally, we will discuss ways you can increase your revenue potential without straining your payroll and marketing budget through the magic of affiliate programs.

About Jasmine

Jasmine has always been a problem solver. As a kid she could regularly be found with puzzles and logic games, rather than dolls. Now she uses her skill and passion to help clients solve design and marketing problems. She runs RXVP ( with my partner from our Vancouver studio, where they build strong brand identities for new and growing businesses. Jasmine is also the founder and host of Black Food Bloggers Club, where I provide mentorship to 100+ black food bloggers from around the world. She spends her free time discovering new wines, listening to podcasts, eating chocolate like it’s her job and baking mind-blowing desserts for her food blog (

Past Present Future: Tools For Navigating Challenging Moments

Lead by Gary Bello

Each Moment of our life is positioned between what has happened and what will be. Navigating this exquisite dance of possibilities reveals and clarifies your next step. Spend time with Gary learning and practicing some of the tools & techniques that empowers the past present future to work in your favor. In this workshop we will explore how to recognize when the past or future is hijacking the present. The tools for this will include breathing and mindfulness techniques, and tools we can use to address the patterns that create frustration in our lives.

About Gary

Gary Bello is an author, public speaker, and mentor with a passion for assisting individuals, couples, and groups to maximize their genius and minimize their blind-spots. His journey began in 1971 with a six year adventure as a meditation monk, which lead into founding a non-profit service organization with his wife, Radha Bello. For the past six years Gary has been an enthusiastic part of the SVI community, sharing his simple approach to personal growth, a method that integrates both ancient and modern wisdoms to create a mindful approach to living your passion.

Strategic Planning for the Nimble Venture

Lead by Mike Rowlands, Junxion Strategy

Leading a venture has never been easy, and it’s only getting more challenging as the business community faces up to complex social and environmental challenges. Your biggest challenge: traditional approaches to strategy no longer work. Effective plans are no longer artifacts relegated to dusty hard drives. They’re living documents that are grounded in values, empower leaders and foster ongoing growth and development. So how do you build an effective strategy? And how do you translate ideas into impact? In this session Mike Rowlands will share insights into Junxion’s Turning Point™ approach, which blends Agile methodologies, Appreciative Inquiry, stakeholder engagement and systems thinking in an integrated model that’s easy to implement.

About Mike

Mike is President & CEO at Junxion Strategy, an international consultancy that supports the development and growth of leading, socially responsible brands. Junxion’s clients range from major international companies such as adidas and Heathrow Airport, to groups like 1% for the Planet that are accelerating the movement toward socially responsible business, and countless entrepreneur-led social ventures and non-profits. Mike sits on the Board of Directors of Hollyhock, is an Ambassador for the Social Venture Network, and is an Executive Producer of SVI. Mike is also Entrepreneur-in-Residence at RADIUS Ventures and sits on the Advisory Council to the Faculty of Management at Royal Roads University, and is a B Corp Ambassador.

I Am Not My Business

Lead by Chloe Gow-Jarrett, 3Fold Partners

Untangle your SELF from your business and connect to your highest leadership potential. Working as a small group and in pairs, we will explore the cost to your leadership of over-identifying with your enterprise. You will learn a principle-based practice that allows you to create a healthy relationship to your business (or organization/business partner/life partner/family member/…). Finally, we will test-drive a personal boundary tool that at once develops a new awareness of the people, places, and things that occupy your sacred space and supports you in consistently clearing, grounding, and honouring yourself.

About Chloe

Celebrated for her ability to develop powerful, purposeful leaders and results-driven programming, Chloe expertly crafts and facilitates transformational learning and growth experiences. Over 13 years at lululemon athletica, she directly impacted the company’s capacity to scale from 3 to over 200 stores and honed her ability to create programs that lay a cultural foundation to support long-term success. She recently launched 3fold Partners, working to develop resilient leadership within individuals and organizations that envision an awesome future. Chloe is the mother of two energetic young boys, wife to a charismatic possibility junkie and is happiest when eating guacamole.