Social Change Institute is an intergenerational gathering of social change makers: people working and organizing to shift, change or disrupt the world so that equity and justice can prosper and thrive. We come together in community to hone our skills, upgrade our tools, and focus on both our individual and collective leadership development.

SCI attendees are non-profit leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, organizational trainers, consultants and aspiring social impact leaders. Over five days and four nights we focus on skills building community engagement, organizing, digital advocacy, fundraising, cause-related marketing, branding, and personal leadership training. Attendees will access invaluable one-on-one expert advisors. You will work with peers, experts, and exceptional trainers toward progressive, sustainable social change. Arts, music, performance, dance, and other cultural exchange deepen our learning experience.

  • SCI is food for the soul of the social change practitioner.

    Joshua Prowse, SCI Hollyhock 2015
  • I thought the Case Studies were really effective as a way to engage the whole group and provide excellent support for one person and learning for all. Personally, I got the most value in unscheduled time when I could have one meaningful conversation after another.

    Participant, SCI 2014
  • Some powerful one-on-one conversations. Fantastic and varied case studies. Lots of time for celebration and fun.

    Participant, SCI 2014


We bring in the best people we know; experts in cause-related marketing, social media, organizing, fundraising, branding, digital advocacy, mobile and website development. Participants receive one-on-one consulting and peer mentoring on organizational and financial challenges, and develop strategies with other leaders for building the social economy and progressive, sustainable social change.


We use leading progressive facilitation and design techniques to connect participants to each other and cultivate a space for bringing in new ideas and new energy. It’s a conference for the whole person: the professional, the human being, as well as the kid in all of us who wants to make new friends and have fun. We work hard, play hard, and create authentic and lasting relationships.


We move through a series of practices, exercises, workshops, case studies, and speakers. Together, this has the power to impact your own journey as a leader within both your personal and professional community. We set the conditions and build an agenda that works hard to help every participant share their own voice with the group. There are many ways each participant can lead before, during and after the conference.